Chicago-based permit company app is 'revolutionary' to the industry

Moxo streamlines a vast array of municipal approval processes for Chicago-based Cornerstone Permit Company. The firm provides professional permit consulting services along with zoning analysis, business licensing, liquor licensing, and more.

Being a high-touch industry with moving parts, from permit and zoning requirements, disclosures, and contracts, managing the Cornerstone business processes requires coordinated oversight.

“When dealing with such an involved process like permits and licensing on a nationwide scale, having all business interactions in one place gives our customers the peace of mind that we are always on their side,” says Ashish Shah, CEO & Founder of Cornerstone Permit Company. 

Digital transformation was a critical business imperative for the Cornerstone team. The team launched the Cornerstone Permit Company App, powered by Moxo. It empowers Cornerstone to manage client-centric business processes and expedite paperwork heavy workflows, while providing an easy experience for clients to use.

"Cornerstone is a nationwide company and with Moxtra, we are able to keep constant communication across our offices, with our customers, and with other parties involved in the permit and licensing process. A mobile app in our industry is revolutionary.
Ashish Shah, CEO & Founder

According to Shah, “Leveraging this type of integrated, modern technology in an industry like commercial real estate has been game-changing. Since implementing Moxo, our business has been elevated. We’re moving away from emails and traditional phone calls to maintain connection with our clients and keep our business more streamlined and organized.” 

Looking to the future, he says “as technology offers more freedom for office locations, Cornerstone will be able to engage new customers in smaller cities and provide the same level of service as our customers in our home base.”

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