Houston lawyer Marcela Halmagean manages her law firm with a Moxo-powered OneStop Client Hub

Halmagean's app helps her manage her practice and engage with clients in a timely, convenient manner.

M Halmagean PLLC is a law firm, led by Marcela Halmagean, principal attorney. Halmagean has put focus within her firm to continuously improve workflows and convenience for clients by implementing smart systems and processes. 

A practice with diverse clients and cases, Halmagean Law Firm is determined to deliver the same quality of attention to each and every client. Halmagean prides herself on the great care she gives to her client relationships, and drives her firm to provide consistent excellence in service to clients. 

The Halmagean Law Firm app, powered by Moxo, enabled Halmagean and her team to deliver a OneStop service experience and maintain a continuous connection with clients — with bank-grade security. 

Halmagean and her associates can message securely, task manage, whiteboard, and tailor permissions internally, while collaborating with clients remotely on document-heavy workflows. The legal team can share, redline, and annotate paperwork in real-time, while immediately communicating over text, audio, video messaging, and meetings. 

"Clients love it, I love it. On Moxo, I can actually show clients how to do something - redlining documents, sharing and collaborating in real time with clients. It’s just phenomenal.. It’s just infinite the bells and whistles that come with the platform and it makes the clients very happy and they feel that they are getting what they pay for.
Marcela Halmagean, Principal Attorney & Owner, Halmagean Law

Clients and the practice have found that the easy-to-use platform has dramatically reduced lag time in communication and delivery, as well as provided a convenient transcript of all interactions for a seamless, persistent relationship. Halmagean is able to manage her team from anywhere, and ensure clients’ confidentiality is safeguarded, while delivering a branded service experience. 

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