An exclusive West-Coast residential real estate team, achieved digital resiliency with their OneStop App

Always looking to innovate for their clients with technology, Modern Properties uses their OneStop Client Hub to efficiently guide clients through various real estate processes.

In the midst of the pandemic, businesses that didn’t adopt a digital strategy struggled to stay afloat. Modern Properties wasn’t one of them. Kate Pawlicki, Founder and Broker, recognized the importance of being digitally resilient prior to the devastation of COVID-19.

Moxo's client-centric digital solution resonated with Pawlicki as she was searching for ways to innovate for her clients with cutting-edge technology. Established before the world relied on virtual collaboration, The Modern Properties App offers clients an intuitive digital platform to continuously collaborate with their team and complete business on a secure platform — a remote, convenient experience, delivered under their brand.

"Efficiency is key to our values — Modern Properties operates at the highest level of excellence, wasting the least amount of time and effort. That’s where the digital strategy comes in. The pandemic forced everyone to pivot to digital, but we were already there.
Kate Pawlicki, Founder & Broker, Modern Properties

Through their Moxo-powered app, Modern Properties has partnered with brokers to expand outside of California and Washington, providing global clients with local niche expertise. Helping to streamline communication and transactions, the private OneStop Hub enables their team to confidently exchange messages, contracts, and documents with sensitive data, property listings, and updates on a single platform — with an auditable e-paper trail for efficient tracking.

“With our app, I can keep clients apprised through every step in the process,” she says. “Having a thread of context within the app just makes clients feel like the communication is much less of a confusion, and the platform has been instrumental in building trust. It feels personal.”

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