SRÜLY enables families with special needs to connect, interact, and support each other through their OneStop Hub

Moxo powers the app for SRÜLY, a social network for families, young people, volunteers, and practitioners involved in the world of special needs and/or disabilities to interact in a trusted and safe environment.

For the special needs community, there are often feelings of isolation for children and their families. Michael Lebor, creator of SRÜLY, realized after his own personal experiences with the special needs community, that there must be countless amounts of children and parents who could benefit from remote interactive relationships. With community, sociability, and support in mind, SRÜLY the App was born.

Envisioned by Michael and powered by Moxo, the SRÜLY App is a digital hub where children with special needs, and their families can connect with one another. The OneStop App is a highly-secure and private space, so families can rest assured that their children are engaging with properly vetted, compassionate individuals. 

" The SRÜLY App is a safe digital environment for friendship, created for children with special needs and their families. The SRÜLY App is designed for friendships to grow and continue from anywhere, at anytime — for a community that is often forgotten or misunderstood.

Michael Lebor, Creator of SRÜLY

The SRÜLY App is a virtual channel where friendships are safe, reciprocal, and most importantly, continuous. The App pairs sets of friends within a managed portal, and helps maintain friendships that have already begun during summer camps. Genuine companionships are fostered and persisted through communication features such voice, text, and video messaging, scheduled meetings and activities, screen sharing, and more.

Connecting a network of special needs children, their buddies, families, and practitioners, SRÜLY is a safe community for lasting, continuous relationships. Even over long distances, the SRÜLY App powers friendships at your fingertips. 

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