World’s first traveling high school uses OneStop Hub to connect students with education while navigating the globe.

Moxo powers the app for THINK Global School, the non-profit, traveling high school where students are in control of their own learning through a combination of real-world exploration, skills mastery, and project based education.

THINK Global School is a traveling high school focused on world travel, individualized learning, and positive change, offering full immersion into a dozen different countries and cultures. Due to frequent relocation and adventure, it was imperative for THINK Global School to provide their students and educators with a mobile app for centralized communications and persistent engagement — from anywhere in the world.

Built on the philosophy “Where your classroom has no borders and learning knows no bounds,” THINK Global School uses technology to provide a world-class education around the globe. The THINK Global School App is a virtual space for remote learning, with comprehensive records of classes, conversations, and documents, accessible within a secure environment.

ThinkGlobal’s approach emphasizes academic rigor and project-based learning. The school offers a unique calendar, with weeks-long sessions interspersed by short breaks. Each session begins with online preparation through their app —  including selecting a learning module, finalizing areas for the student-designed project, beginning research assignments, and acquiring cultural and language skills.

"Only at THINK Global School does world exploration meet an academically rigorous curriculum with small classes, cutting-edge technology, and infinite opportunities.

Much like THINK Global School’s multinational educational approach, their app provides users with an immersive digital campus experience on mobile and web. Travels and education blend seamlessly due to innovations in technology, creating an active and engaged learning experience unprecedented in any other school.

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