Celent — Digital customer engagement platforms for financial services

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

Celent is the leading research and advisory firm, focused on technology for global financial institutions. Moxo has been recognized as an innovative digital-first platform for powering client engagement apps for financial services organizations by Celent in the 2021 Digital Customer Engagement Platforms Report.

In today’s digital-first word, the way people are communicating is changing, and banks must adapt to clients’ increasing expectations for digital engagement. Celent identified Moxtra to include all of the essential core components that create a successful customer engagement platform:

  • Keeping clients and prospects in-process and in-app through private, dedicated channels.
  • Facilitating seamless switching of methods of engagement without re-authenticating or entering a queue, with the choice of text and voice chat, messaging threads, and live audio or video calls — all in the same channel.
  • Equipping bankers with the context and tools needed to effectively and efficiently manage internal operations and engage with customers across a wide variety of use cases, allowing for effective relationship building with key knowledge workers.

A differentiating characteristic of Moxo's platform stems from its design roots to serve high-touch market segments, providing differentiated capabilities suited for assigned client relationships — such as on-demand text, audio and video messaging, video conferencing, transaction management, secure file and document sharing, digital signature, and more. These capabilities reflect the comparative complexity and document-rich nature of work processes needed to support wealth management and commercial banking.

To learn more about the importance of providing a platform for digital-first client engagement, read the full 2021 Celent Report.