Workflows to automate your document collection

Set up your document collection workflow

Use a drag-and-drop interface to create your document collection process using configurable file-request objects. Set due dates and file review review steps on each file request based on your requirements.
The Moxo workflow builder empowers users to customize and automate business processes. Drag and drop elements with ease, and save as templates for future use.

Automate your document flow

Setup automations to push documents into third party repositories such as Box or into other Moxo workspaces. Automations can be configured on individual file request objects.
This is a screenshot of Moxo's client portal solution for customer onboarding, showcasing a user-friendly and customizable interaction workspace. Simplify your onboarding process and improve client experience with Moxo.

Launch your document collection process

Invite users to your document collection process via email. Users will receive an email with a magic link when it is their turn to act. The link will take them straight to the file request object in the workspace for a seamless experience. Multiple authentication options are available.
The image showcases Moxo's interaction capabilities. Users can easily send messages, share documents, and launch video meetings within their workspaces. With Moxo, work processes become more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable.

Our customers experience

decrease in onboarding process length
decrease in drop-offs
SOC 2 compliance with enterprise-grade data encryption in transit and at rest
Delivery models

Get started within minutes by choosing from templates or building your own. Available across mobile & web.

Learn moreThe image on Moxo's homepage shows its digital interaction workspace for easy client onboarding, B2B projects & smooth account management.

Put your brand front and center with your own private-labeled mobile apps and web portal, powered by Moxo.

Learn moreThis image showcases Moxo's client portal login screen on a sleek and modern mobile phone. Gain easy access to your business projects on-the-go with Moxo's streamlined solution. Simplify your account management and project collaboration with Moxo.

Extend your existing apps & portals. Moxo SDKs are available for iOS, Android, Javascript, React Native, and Cordova.

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Why businesses love Moxo for document collection

With Moxo, businesses create best-in-class client experiences while improving their operational efficiency.

Workflow builder

Create templates to add automation your most frequent processes using a drag-and-drop workflow builder

Efficiently manage customer, vendor & partner projects with Moxo's customizable workspaces. Accelerate business processes & improve collaboration.

Launch workspaces to interact and complete client projects.

Moxo's suite of interaction capabilities are extensive and powerful, featuring chat, video meetings, digital signatures, and more. Streamline your business processes with ease.
Interaction suite

Collaborate in-context using messaging, video meetings, and file sharing with annotations.

Moxo's admin console offers a centralized hub for businesses to manage client projects, streamline processes, and access real-time data. Stay organized and in control.
File requests

Collect files on specific file request objects. Review files before closing requests or message in-context to modify.


Users receive email or text notifications when it is their turn to act. Notifications include magic links which take users directly to actions.

Client portal

Create a branded mobile and web destination for your business

The image showcases Moxo's mobile client portal solution, customized with a private label for seamless branding. Streamline communications, document access, and project management on-the-go with Moxo.

SOC 2 Type II compliance with encryption at both transit and rest. Trusted by several of the world's leading banks.

Business actions

Drive outcomes with actions such as approvals, file requests, forms, eSignatures, tasks, and more.


Measure KPIs and and receive actionable insights to drive efficiency.

Moxo's reports are a game-changer, allowing businesses to track KPIs and optimize processes. By providing insightful, data-driven analysis, Moxo helps drive efficiency and maximize performance.
Moxo's admin console offers a centralized hub for businesses to manage client projects, streamline processes, and access real-time data. Stay organized and in control.

User management and access controls to set permissions and manage your organization.

Connect your tools
Moxo provides out-of-the-box integrations and frameworks to connect your workflows with existing tools
See all integrations

Data sync Automatically push data at a regular cadence to CRMs and other systems.

Business actions Bring in external actions to Moxo workspaces.

Automations Automate actions in external applications or in Moxo based on triggers within Moxo.

Custom Create custom integrations by leveraging Moxo APIs or tools like Zapier to push and pull data to and from Moxo.

Moxo's integration image showcases their versatile lineup including top tools like Xero, Hubspot, and Stripe, allowing for seamless workflow solutions.

Trusted by security-focused industries

Moxtra’s platform was built in partnership with several of the world’s leading financial institutions. Organizations use Moxtra to power their OneStop Client Service Hub — with best-in-class compliance, privacy, security, and auditability.

Moxo is named best digital banking solution provider in the Banking Tech Awards.
Moxo is named best mobile experience at the Bank Customer Experience Summit.
Moxo wins best client relationship management platform in the LegalTech Awards.
Moxo is named an innovator in the Aragon Research Globe for Digital Work Hubs.

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