No more chasing down files and attachments via email

Moxo is the easiest way to streamline document processes, without compromising on security.

Streamline your document collection workflows

The old way

The Moxo way

Manage your entire document lifecycle

Document collection processes can be chaotic and time-consuming. Use Moxo's drag-and-drop interface to orchestrate your process with configurable file requests, forms, tasks, signatures, approvals, acknowledgments, and third-party objects.

Customize your workflow

Make each step of your experience uniquely tailored to your organization's needs with Moxo's configurable file-request objects. Set due dates and file review review steps on each file request based on your requirements. Automate and manage your file requests, forms, and submissions in a hassle-free manner, making your processes more efficient and reliable.

Weave in automations

Setup automations to push documents into third party repositories such as Box or into other Moxo workspaces. Automations can be configured on individual file request objects.

Launch your document collection process

Simplify access like never before. With magic links, there's no need for clients to remember login details. A single click on a text or email link provides immediate entry into your branded document portal. The link will take them straight to the file request object in the workspace for a seamless experience. Multiple authentication options are available.

Collaborate in context

Guide customers, vendors, and partners through document collection processes within the context of a workflow. Interact on files with powerful visual annotations, tag users in comments, and record spotlight video clips to illustrate your point. Exchange messages or launch video meetings without interrupting the workflow, fostering seamless collaboration.

Measure and track

Account managers can efficiently track workflows across their customer base, while management users have the holistic view to track performance across their teams. Teams can directly manage to KPIs, identify and resolve bottlenecks, and make informed decisions that continuously enhance and streamline processes.

Elevate your file portal experience

Revolutionize your processes by providing a branded destination on both mobile and web platforms, facilitating the collection and storage of documents. Customize it with your logo, colors, and business content.

Powerful access controls

Control is paramount in managing document exchanges effectively. With Moxo’s robust user management capabilities, decide who sees and does what with precision. Assign roles and permissions, provision feature access, and tailor workflow actions accordingly. This strategic allocation of tasks and roles enhances bolsters security and efficiency by ensuring that the right documents are always in the right hands, at the right time.

Why organizations choose Moxo for document processes

Template playbooks

Create standardized playbooks for file requests and document handling processes. This feature is Minimize repetitive tasks and automate processes across your organization.

Activity tracking

Monitor the status of file requests in real-time, see which documents are being actively engaged with, and closely measure each step of the process.

Easy filtering

Provide a content library accessible to your organization, and designate precise access permissions for relevant teams and external parties.

Intelligent nudges

Avoid the pitfalls of drop-offs and delays and customize proactive reminders and updates. And for those moments that require a personal touch? Nudge manually with ease.

Streamlined categorization

Provide a content library accessible to your organization, and designate precise access permissions for relevant teams and external parties.

Form builder

Moxo's custom form builder empowers organizations to design forms specific to their business actions, seamlessly incorporating them into a workflow and enhancing data collection.


Moxo integrates smoothly with the tools and services organizations already use, facilitating a unified and efficient workflow.

Stay in compliance

Security is non-negotiable. With Moxo, rest easy knowing your and your clients' data are protected by best-in-class security measures, adhering to stringent compliance standards including SOC III and GDPR.


Preview a wide array of file types directly within Moxo. This eliminates the need for downloads, facilitating efficient review and approval processes.

Delivery models


Get started within minutes by choosing from templates or building your own. Available across mobile & web.

Learn moreThe image on Moxo's homepage shows its digital interaction workspace for easy client onboarding, B2B projects & smooth account management.


Put your brand front and center with your own private-labeled mobile apps and web portal, powered by Moxo.

Learn moreThis image showcases Moxo's client portal login screen on a sleek and modern mobile phone. Gain easy access to your business projects on-the-go with Moxo's streamlined solution. Simplify your account management and project collaboration with Moxo.


Extend your existing apps & portals. Moxo SDKs are available for iOS, Android, Javascript, React Native, and Cordova.

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Streamline your document workflows