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Revolutionize your B2B onboarding experience

Welcome to the future of onboarding. Moxo is designed to streamline, automate, and transform the way businesses onboard their customers, vendors, and partners. With a focus on B2B relationships, our platform ensures a seamless, collaborative, and highly efficient onboarding experience, from start to finish.

Create automations and templates

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming onboarding processes. Use Moxo's drag-and-drop workflow builder to create templates. Orchestrate each step of your workflow with ease, integrating business actions like forms, file requests, tasks, approvals, acknowledgements, and third-party objects.

Gain unparalleled flexibility and control over your onboarding, making each step of the experience uniquely tailored to your organization's needs.

Guide your customers, in context

Assist your customers through every step of the onboarding process with secure messaging, video meetings, forms, and file sharing complete with annotations. Moxo's collaborative onboarding capabilities ensure a continuous flow of communication, meaning you'll never lose momentum.

Advanced user management and access controls

Decide who can see and do what across Moxo. Our robust user management capabilities are a game-changer for organizations seeking granular control over their onboarding process. Assign roles and permissions with precision, provision feature access, and tailor workflow actions accordingly. This ensures that the right tasks are allocated to the right team members, enhancing both security and efficiency.

360º insights at your fingertips

Track the effectiveness of your onboarding processes with our comprehensive reporting. Monitor at-a-glance metrics and drill down into specific KPIs, such as completion rate and average duration, by team or account manager.

With these insights, your organization can make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize your onboarding strategies, ensuring peak efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Configurable client portal

Provide a personalized, dedicated space on mobile and web where clients, vendors, and partners can find everything they need for a smooth onboarding process. From the initial stages, stakeholders will have clear visibility and direct access to necessary actions, documentation, and support, laying the groundwork for a strong business relationship.

Moxo customers experience

decrease in onboarding length
decrease in drop-offs
increase in account manager capacity

Integrates seamlessly with your existing tools

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Template playbooks

Bid farewell to inconsistent onboarding processes. Create standardized workflows that cater to various needs, enabling you to provide the right level of support at every stage.

Intelligent nudges

Avoid the pitfalls of drop-offs and delays. Customize proactive reminders and updates, ensuring your clients are always in the loop. And for those moments that require a personal touch? Nudge manually with ease.

Complete oversight

Moxo enables multiple levels of tracking at the account manager & management levels. Account managers can track workflows across their customer base and management users can track workflows across their entire team. With Moxo, teams can manage to KPIs, unblock bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their onboarding processes.

Delivery models


Get started within minutes by choosing from templates or building your own. Available across mobile & web.

Learn moreThe image on Moxo's homepage shows its digital interaction workspace for easy client onboarding, B2B projects & smooth account management.


Put your brand front and center with your own private-labeled mobile apps and web portal, powered by Moxo.

Learn moreThis image showcases Moxo's client portal login screen on a sleek and modern mobile phone. Gain easy access to your business projects on-the-go with Moxo's streamlined solution. Simplify your account management and project collaboration with Moxo.


Extend your existing apps & portals. Moxo SDKs are available for iOS, Android, Javascript, React Native, and Cordova.

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Why organizations choose Moxo for onboarding

Seamless handoffs

Transitioning clients between teams or account representatives is smoother than ever. With Moxo’s capability to preserve full process history and context,  team members can pick up exactly where their colleagues left off.

Internal workflows

Support your external onboarding with powerful internal workflow configurations. Moxo helps streamline your tasks internally, making external delivery as smooth as possible.

Branded digital experiences

Customize your client portal with your logo, colors, and business content. Provide a cohesive and sophisticated brand experience.

Stay in compliance

Security is non-negotiable. With Moxo, rest easy knowing your and your clients' data are protected by best-in-class security measures, adhering to stringent compliance standards including SOC III and GDPR.

Real-time escalations

Encounter an issue? Moxo enables real-time escalations within the onboarding process, allowing for immediate meetings or messages to resolve any bottlenecks swiftly.

Magic links

Simplify access like never before. With magic links, there's no need for clients to remember login details. A single click on a text or email link provides immediate entry into your bespoke onboarding portal.

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