Digitizing client engagement in healthcare

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

In the healthcare sector, managing and maintaining patient information is a challenging and laborious process. With insurance changes, primary care physicians, countless specialists, prescription history and more, decentralized information causes chaos, leading to incomplete follow-up care and inefficient record keeping. Lack of accessible data also prevents patient empowerment, leaving patients with fragmented care from providers who may not be informed of their full health history. 

Approaching healthcare organizations with a digital system for managing operations gives the opportunity to streamline chaotic processes with blended automation. A comprehensive and secure Business Service Hub for end-to-end client management enables interactive workflow structures that maximize efficiency and provide precise record keeping. From patient services to transparent oversight into administrative procedures, customized automated workflows with ad-hoc escalations deliver optimal results in digital transformation.

Patient services

Blending automated workflows with personalized attention and exception handling in an end-to-end Business Service Hub provides a OneStop patient experience. This unification of automated structured and personalized unstructured interactions can offer patients individualized attention, precise record keeping, and the ability to securely connect with their healthcare provider via messaging, document exchange, and image sharing all within the same private digital portal. Providers can deliver high-quality care and attention to improve their patients’ overall health experience and medical journey with a complete picture of their medical history. Patients are enabled to stay up-to-date with lab results, medications, and appointment reminders, and with automated workflows, can fill out paperwork digitally before appointments at their own convenience.

Manage the delivery of patient service and associated staff

Providing medical care and patient services can be challenging with a decentralized healthcare system documenting multiple healthcare providers, hospitals, diagnostics, and medications. With the utilization of streamlined workflow systems within an end-to-end Business Service Hub, healthcare organizations can increase operational efficiency by having organized roles and staff permissions (i.e., billing, prescription services, doctors, administration, etc.) within a single platform. Forms, files, and information can all be shared through appropriate permissions and processes with administrative insight into operations. With customized workflows for structured and unstructured interactions, vital information is meticulously stored and processed while associated team members are managed with designated roles and permissions within one comprehensive platform. 

Automate routine processes with digital workflows

By using automated customized workflows for routine processes like paperwork collection, appointment reminders, and follow-ups, healthcare staff’s time is efficiently managed, and can refocus attention to giving patients more personalized attention with escalation procedures. Patients are able to conveniently attend to paperwork and formfill at their own time with automated triggers, and workflow retention in the hub can digitally capture signatures, securely share documents, maintain a persistent auditable history, and more to streamline the entire patient service process. With automated workflows and ad-hoc exception handling, a centralized digital workflow platform brings  a more seamless flow to the patient experience,  creating better collaboration within the healthcare industry. 

Blending streamlined workflows & personalized attention 

Blending streamlined workflows with high-touch service attention within a Business Service Hub can revolutionize the healthcare industry. The existing barriers for maintaining essential information for the patient and provider are eliminated with digital management and automated workflows. Not only are patients empowered to persistently access their health data and history, a centralized digital workspace can help providers give the best care for each patient’s unique circumstances. A workflow platform allows for collaboration between providers and caregivers, while being managed with appropriate roles and permissions with complete oversight into each patient and their needs. Digital transformation of the healthcare industry not only modernizes healthcare services, but also provides the most comprehensive patient record management systems  for the most complete healthcare journey. 

Moxo powers Client Interaction Hubs for healthcare services. Moxo’s secure and compliant platform allows providers to deliver a transparent, compliant patient experience with seamless workflows and designated roles and permissions. Learn more today by visiting https://www.moxo.com/solutions/healthcare/overview