Introducing Moxo Version 8.12

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

Introducing Moxo’s Jumio Integration

Moxo’s new Jumio Integration can be used as a KYC identity verification and validation step in your process. Users can set up the Jumio integration as an action in a Flow.

Introducing Moxo’s Gmail Automation

Now, recipients can be automatically alerted with an email notification through Gmail when an action is completed in a Flow. This automation can be set up  attached to a step within a Flow.

Archiving Workspaces

External client users can now archive workspaces to remove past workspaces from their timeline without impacting other users. 

Introducing Template Messages

Agents can now write pre-written messages and save as templates to use in a Live Chat to address common inquiries. These templates can be customized as needed and leveraged to allow agents to easily respond while in a live chat.

Meeting Chat Notifications and Microphone Tips

Meetings now include an enhanced user experience with meeting chat notification and microphone muting tips.