Manage logistics workflows on digital

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

What is logistics management?

Logistics management is a vital part of the supply chain management process. It is responsible for overseeing the efficient and effective storage and flow of goods and services and related information, such as contracts and payments. A multifaceted process consisting of numerous moving parts, logistics management involves several overarching elements:

  • Selecting the right vendors for providing transportation facilities and services
  • Choosing the most effective and efficient transportation routes
  • Creating systems and processes to efficiently manage the flow of goods and services
  • Managing internal organization and vendor relationships at speed to deliver timely and prompt service

From fleet management to just-in-time transportation, a digital workflow solution is an essential tool for enabling a transparent and high-quality service experience. It is also vital to building a more resilient supply chain. With total oversight of logistics and supply chain operations, organizations can identify and mitigate most threats before they lead to far-reaching consequences.

What to look for in a modern logistics workflow solution

Many organizations serve an increasingly diverse range of clients, all of whom have different needs and priorities. As such, operations like fleet management, warehousing, and deliveries frequently involve working with multiple vendors. These workflows must be clearly defined to the point they play an integral role in your digital transformation efforts. Repeatable operations can and should be automated, and businesses also need a single pane of glass for managing all of their operations at scale.

An all-in-one digital workflow solution serves to consolidate and automate such operations. With instant access to mission-critical information and client messaging via web or mobile collaboration hub, logistics management portals should make the entire shipment booking process much faster and more efficient. For example, automating routine operations, such as adding new drivers, suppliers, and goods saves time and greatly reduces the chances of human error. When routine operations are automated, processes are improved and efficiency is streamlined — which also translates into improved employee and client experiences alike.

A just-in-time service model allows logistics organizations to deliver timely service without exhausting internal resources to meet client expectations over digital. By creating systems and automations that allow for just-in-time service, 24/7 staff is not needed to deliver an exceptional service experience.  

With a digital workspace hub, accessible via mobile app or web portal, organizations can more efficiently manage internal operations and keep track of the constant flow of goods between suppliers, warehouses, and end customers. By consolidating all interactions with suppliers and clients, logistics firms can manage transactions and client service operations centrally. This allows businesses to deliver a consistently reliable service that reduces risk and fosters greater client loyalty.

An all-in-one client collaboration hub for managing logistics operations delivers a secure and private digital portal experience that mitigates safety concerns and eliminates unnecessary risk. Increased operational efficiency and managed account relationships keep staff and clients informed — all backed by rigorous compliance, encryption, auditability.

A comprehensive service hub also makes it easier to scale and grow your business. Bringing all these moving parts together in an organized and streamlined collaboration environment will also ease the burden on your internal team and free up time to focus on matters that require human interaction.

End-to-end management hubs reduce operational risk by making it possible to eliminate bottlenecks and maintain complete visibility over your workflow. With a solution that incorporates digital signatures, secure messaging, fleet management, and automated workflows, organizations can engage clients, vendors, and partners to promptly to deliver the just-in-time service in today’s digital age.

Moxo’s OneStop Client Interaction Hub for logistics helps you streamline client operations and facilitate end-to-end management to keep your supply chains running smoothly. Get in touch today to learn more.