Streamline business processes in logistics

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

The precise nature of supply chain businesses is one that can benefit immensely by modernizing to digital operations. With distribution and logistics being a high-touch sector with multiple moving parts, handling the delivery of supplies around the world requires painstaking organization and coordination that digital tools help to exact.

Efficiency is key to these day-to-day operations, whether they relate to monitoring the flow of goods or managing stock control, drivers, and fleets. After all, even small disruptions in this increasingly complex ecosystem can lead to far-reaching consequences. This makes a clear need for adopting a cohesive approach to digital transformation that brings all communication channels into one for managing just-in-time service.

Today’s digital resources are rapidly expanding into a new landscape of possibilities for businesses. As such, disparate digital communications can further complicated processes, so the importance of a comprehensive digital strategy is critical. OneStop App platforms are built to scale and serve as a destination hubs for entire for end to end coordination: managing internal teams with transparent insight while providing end customers with convenient accessibility via mobile or desktop.

Manage client and vendor relationships with ease

Regardless of the industry sector, business communications often default to email, despite the fact it isa painfully inefficient medium. For example, managing distribution channels across a complex and dynamic supply chain quickly becomes a practical impossibility when you have to track down specific invoices, contracts, and other mission-critical documents via email and digital mailing systems.Additionally, communications may occur outside of email purview (i.e. text messaging on personal phones, mobile signature through a third party) and are difficult, if not impossible, to track when not properly catalogued.

Digital transformation should make processes simpler and more scalable by bringing all these transactional documents and communications together. A OneStop App that keeps all business interactions in one designated place, makes it easier to manage client and vendor relationships at scale.This way, the entire buyer or supplier relationship can be managed cohesively in a fully auditable manner.

Obtain enhanced visibility over your supply chains

Supply chain vulnerabilities have a ripple effect, as the simplest error can cause a major disturbance in the process. Thus, the ability to maintain complete visibility over every interaction between your business and its vendors and clients is vital to managing risk. After all, it is near impossible to adequately protect such a complex ecosystem if management lacks complete oversight.

With a secure OneStop digital solution that helps keep vendors and customers informed with time-sensitive updates, it will be easier to react to disruptions and other incidents before they lead to serious problems. Moreover, when all interactions and transactions are in one controlled space, a OneStop platform allows organizations to embed their branded app with bank-grade security for safe continuation of business over digital channels. Features like standardized approval workflows, centralized document exchange, and digital signature capabilities mean you always have a full audit trail of every interaction. This also makes things easier for vendors and clients, since all relevant correspondence will be immediately accessible via a designated all-in-one portal.

Deliver just-in-time service to clients and partners

A OneStop digital strategy with integrated end-to-end business capabilities, including supply chain and logistics workflows, makes it possible to deliver a far more responsive service. Sudden fluctuations in demand can be addressed in less time, and clients, partners, and vendors can easily be kept up to date.Moreover, by having everything stored and accessible in one secure portal, it is possible to keep fieldworkers, drivers, and other remote workers informed at all times. In this way, the organization is more efficiently managed to delivery just-in-time service without exhausting resources.

These benefits combine to add enormous value to logistics and distribution businesses. By freeing uptime spent on repeatable routine management processes, employees will be better positioned to focus their efforts on strategic relationships, clients will receive a better service, and logistics and distribution businesses will better arm themselves for the future.