Three ways to accelerate application-to-close time for lenders

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

As a lender, you know that the application-to-close time is the window between an application being submitted and the loan being approved and closed. During this period, there are several business processes that take place such as disclosure, documentation, appraisal, and underwriting. The faster you can move through each of these steps, the quicker you can close a loan, which ultimately means increased revenue and a better customer experience. In this article, we’ll discuss three ways to accelerate application-to-close time for lenders, including virtual data rooms, automated interaction workflows, and centralized communication workspaces.

Virtual Data Rooms: Virtual data rooms are secure online platforms that allow businesses to store and organize client project data and paperwork. They can be accessed by approved parties from anywhere in the world, which can speed up the loan approval process significantly. With virtual data rooms, all parties have access to the same information instantly. This can eliminate delays caused by missing documents, lost paperwork, or miscommunications. Applicants can upload their information online, and the lender can review and respond to application requests efficiently and quickly.

Automated Interaction Workflows: Automated workflow systems allow lenders to automate routine processes in lending services such as requesting documents, appraisal report forms, and approval procedures. These systems can maximize efficiency by moving projects forward but also minimize manual errors or missing steps. Automated workflow systems can simplify the application process and reduce the time it takes to review the application. This can help lenders save time and reduce the risk of errors that can cause costly delays.

Centralized workspaces: Lenders often deal with multiple stakeholders such as real estate agents, appraisers, lawyers, and borrowers, which can lead to communication challenges. Centralized communication workspaces can help lenders streamline communications, reducing the risk of confusion and delays. This solution provides a single platform for communication that allows all parties to communicate in real-time. Centralized communication workspaces are critical for managing communication when multiple parties are involved, and they can help lenders stay on top of deadlines.

In conclusion, accelerating the application-to-close time for lenders requires implementing reliable technologies that streamline processes and enhance collaboration. Virtual data rooms, automated interaction workflows, and centralized communication workspaces are three ways that lenders can reduce the time it takes to close loans. By utilizing these solutions, lenders can improve the customer experience, save time and resources, and ultimately increase revenue. By choosing the right technology solutions for your business, you can keep pace with the competition and scale your operations for success.