July 26, 2023

Introducing 8.13

Moxo’s 8.13 release introduces two new features, as well as user experience updates and a new Partner Content Gallery.

Use Form Data in an E-Sign Action

Users can now use data from a form to autofill fields in an e-signature document.

Workspaces Dashboard Reporting

Moxo’s new Workspace Dashboard seamlessly tracks all of a user’s open workspaces for better operational management and reporting.

Partner Content Gallery

For businesses with multiple orgs, create a multi-organization content library that users can pull from.

Skip a File Submission

With this feature, an uploader can “Skip” a file submission in a File Request.

Add a DocuSign Action as a Step

Integrate Moxo and Docusign seamlessly with our Docusign action feature available within our Flow templates.

About Moxo
Control the chaos of managing client business with Moxo. Streamline external projects with digital interaction workflows  - from account acquisition, to onboarding, and servicing. Coordinate with customers, vendors, and partners to achieve joint deliverables, track milestones, exchange documents, gather approvals and more. Our team has a rich history of pioneering in the engagement space: Moxo’s co-founder and CEO, Subrah Iyar, was the co-founder and CEO of Webex, and Moxo’s co-founder and CTO, Stanley Huang, held senior engineering management positions at Cisco Systems and WebEx.