Client Interaction Hub
Collage of Images conveying Engagement

Engaging and interactive.

Entice your clients to do business with you at their convenience. Best-in-class, powerful collaboration capabilities are tightly woven into your OneStop Client Hub. Your business can provide just-in-time assistance to clients from anywhere - enabled by a complete, integrated suite of collaborative workflow capabilities.

Just-in-time Sales Assistance

Moxtra Approval Card
Accelerate transaction workflows, review & approval cycles, and business throughput.

Persistent Relationships

Moxtra persona cards
Keep a persistent record of customer interactions for continuity through any transitions.

Customer Convenience

Moxtra OneStop Client Service Hub on mobile and web
Deliver a complete in-app OneStop experience, enticing your customers to do business with you. 

Deliver an integrated interaction experience, all within your app.

Secure Messaging

Send and receive text, voice, and video messages from a secure messaging center within your app. Maintain rigorous security, while delivering an on-demand experience.

Digital Signature

Securely share documents, contracts, and necessary paperwork through your app which can be signed and returned digitally, streamlining service and eliminating lag time.

Virtual Data Rooms

Deliver secure file storage within your app and centralized data workspaces. Maintain records of all files shared, with categorization and organization.

Task Management

To-do lists, designated binders, and scheduling enable detailed project and progress tracking for a streamlined task management system - all in one place.


Power a transaction corner within your app, so your clients and teams can seamlessly processes transactions, guaranteed safe under the highest security requirements, all through the app.

Video Meetings

Host and attend real-time video meetings from your app, with visual annotations, screensharing, and the ability to record any conference for future review and reference.

Spotlight & Visual Annotations

Create illustrative visual, vocal, and video annotations on files shared, that help you present exact details for precise and succinct communication.


Communicate digitally with immersive screensharing, co-browsing, and whiteboarding, creating a completely synchronized experience, all within your app.


Ensure seamless workflows throughout your organization, making it even easier to manage clients. Use Webhooks to connect  applications and business systems to Moxtra.