Management Control

Gain oversight into your client relationships and your internal staff performance to deliver responsiveness.  Moxo records all interactions, with bank-grade security, so you have an auditable digital paper trail. Designate identities and interaction workflows for appropriate communication flow.


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Manage relationships, roles, and interaction workflows in a unified destination.


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Gain visibility into your customer history, see activity, and derive actionable insights.


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Lower your costs for doing business with a digital branch in every customer’s pocket. 


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Log and store all interactions, with bank-grade security and an auditable ePaper trail.

Retain control over your client relationships

Many organizations face the frustrating issue of client churn. Rapport develops directly with a representative, and business happens through personal digital channels. When the representative transitions, their book of business leaves with them.

Moxo entices clients to interact through your branded hub by enabling a super convenient just-in-time service experience. By storing all prior interactions, your hub provides a persistent, personalized destination. This ensures that your organization can oversee and manage the entire client process. Loyalty develops directly with your business, not only through your staff.

Bank-grade security

Moxo's platform is engineered to meet the stringent compliance requirements of regulated industries, with bank-grade security, encryption, and an auditable digital paper trail.

Lower operational costs

Scale your business, at a fraction of the cost of a physical location. Your app brings together everything needed to run your business remotely, without adding operational costs.

Actionable insights

Gain visibility into client accounts, preferences, transaction volume, interaction history, and assess the performance of your staff to your business goals.