Security at Moxo

Moxo is built for the security, privacy, and compliance standards of regulated industries. We have leading enterprise customers around the world in industries such financial services, government, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance

Moxo has several layers of security to safeguard your data. All data is encrypted both at transit and at rest. Moxo has strong controls in place to ensure network security and physical security. We regularly test our systems with industry specialists to ensure the highest security standards are followed.
Moxo employs strict technical access controls and internal policies to protect user privacy. Moxo's has implemented tools and controls to enable compliance with GDPR, which is considered as one of the strongest privacy protection standards.
Moxo is SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 certified and ensures continuous compliance with these standards by conducting regular third-party audits of our technology and operations.