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Provide an immersive digital campus experience

With Moxo, institutions can provide a secure, personalized digital campus experience. Teachers, students, administrators, recruiters, advisors, and parents can maintain persistent interactions, educators and staff can comprehensively manage their institution and courses through their app, replicating traditional school structures remotely.

Extend existing brick and mortar processes like recruiting, class work, student affairs, coaching, academic advising, financial aid, and alumni relations — and personalize the education experience for your students.

OneStop for your clients,
OneStop for your business.

Modernize your client service experience, streamline business processes, and manage your firm.
Moxo's OneStop Suite includes...
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Client & Management Portals
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Configurable workflows
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Integrated collaboration
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Classroom Workspaces
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Bank-grade compliance

Enhance your client experience

Provide an interactive service experience, in your client's pocket. Make it convenient for your clients to do business with you.

Customized workflows

Automate your accounting processes and document workflows. Set up triggers, configure tasks, and manage your client processes.

Digital workspaces

Engage clients in digital workspaces with secure messaging, virtual data rooms, document collaboration, digital signatures, video meetings, screen sharing and more.

360° oversight

Gain complete visibility into all client interactions, how your firm is performing to your goals, and monitor staff performance.

Trusted by global banks

Moxo is engineered to meet the stringent security requirements of regulated industries, with best-in-class compliance, including SOC III, GDPR, CSA, and PSD2.

Built-in paper trail

Maintain an ePaper trail and a searchable, persistent history of all interactions. Track and measure performance with real-time insights.

Role-based permissions

Designate roles and permissions for your clients, accountants, advisors, legal staff, and others. Manage roles to ensure participants can only take action on what they’re supposed to.
Powerschool, powered by Moxtra


Powerschool integrated Moxo within their platform to deliver a unified classroom collaboration experience, and power interactive learning for students.

OnTrack Coaches, powered by Moxtra


OnTrack Coaches uses their app to enable coaches and students to meet one-on-one as often as needed with dedicated, individualized attention.

Tong Kai Nan, powered by Moxtra


Tong Kai Nan, a prestigious Hong Kong school, provides their students, faculty, and parents with a Moxo-powered app for an interactive education experience.

Clapingo, powered by Moxtra


Clapingo is a virtual platform that helps people learn and master English speaking skills, by connecting students with fluent speakers, to practice conversational skills.

Hibernia College, powered by Moxtra


Hibernia College, Ireland's only accredited online third-level institution, enables students and teachers to engage in a fully interactive virtual university.

Think Global School, powered by Moxtra


Think Global School is the world's first traveling high school, and uses their Moxo-powered app to connect students to their education, wherever they are in the world.

LEAP Education, powered by Moxtra


LEAP provides customized academic English programmes, curricula, and teacher training to meet the needs of both International and Bilingual schools.

Centum Academy, powered by Moxtra


Centum Academy is a Bangalore based  institution specializing in coaching for IIT and JEE exams, established by a group of passionate IIT alumni.

Modernize your client interaction experience.

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Cohort by Hibernia College, powered by Moxtra