Modernize your agency workflows

Real estate transactions are paper-work intensive, complex processes involving a diverse collection of stakeholders. With Moxo, your agency can streamline interaction workflows, accelerate deal velocity, and provide exceptional client service.

Digitize client interactions

Streamline your brokerage's client interactions on digital channels. Automate routine tasks, provide a personalized client experience, and enable accelerated transactions.

Branded client portals

Keep all interactions and files related to a transaction in one place. Manage continuity with tracking, audit trails, and virtual data rooms.

Built-in interaction suite

Moxo includes integrated document collaboration, video conferencing, digital signature, secure messaging, and more.

Customizable workflows

Build interaction flows to create repeatable, sequenceable steps with pre-defined client, agent, administrative, and broker actions.

360° view

Manage your agency and retain visibility into all interactions. End-to-end project tracking keeps you in total control.

Reduce meetings and emails

Accelerate transaction velocity and reduce the need for emails and meetings. Securely exchange documents for immediate resolutions.

Trusted by banks

Moxo's bank-grade security and compliance provides a sophisticated experience with role-based permissions, audit trails, and encryption.

Accelerate agency processes

Modern Properties is an exclusive real estate team serving the Southern California and Washington markets. The brokerage provides clients with a secure, convenient digital experience with Moxo.

" With our app, I can keep clients apprised through every step in the process. Having a thread of context within the app just makes clients feel like the communication is much less of a confusion, and the platform has been instrumental in building trust. It feels personal.

Kate Pawlicki
Founder & Broker, Modern Properties
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