Workflow automation

Unlock the power of collaborative workflows

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and step into the future of automation. Orchestrate every step of your workflows with customers, vendors, and partners seamlessly.

Increase efficiency and visibility
across your business processes

Use Moxo's drag-and-drop workflow builder to create templates. Orchestrate each step of your workflow with ease, integrating business actions like forms, file requests, digital signatures, tasks, approvals, acknowledgements, and third-party objects.

Revolutionize your processes with automation

Seamless onboarding

Onboarding processes can be clunky, repetitive, and time-consuming. Moxo transforms your onboarding into a seamless experience, ensuring clients, vendors, and partners are smoothly integrated into your ecosystem.

  • Moxo's intuitive drag-and-drop builder make it easy to construct and customize onboarding templates.
  • Design distinct onboarding playbooks within Moxo to address the specific demands of different onboarding programs. This flexibility ensures a high degree of customization and effectiveness in orchestrating B2B relationships, fostering a smooth and engaging experience.
Streamlined requests

Automate and manage file requests, forms, and submissions in a hassle-free manner, making your processes more efficient and reliable.

  • Integrate requests for files directly into your workflows. Moxo enables the automation of document submissions as part of your business processes, including automatic prompts from relevant parties and necessary approvals before moving forward.
  • Design and implement custom forms for efficient intake, order processing, or any other required step, incorporating unlimited questions to meet your specific business needs. Embed these forms seamlessly into larger business processes for a smoother operational flow.
Enhanced collaboration
Guide customers through processes within the context of a workflow. Exchange messages or launch video meetings without interrupting the workflow, fostering seamless collaboration.
Accelerate approval cycles
Streamline your approval processes, ensuring quicker turnaround times and reducing bottlenecks, thereby enhancing your operational efficiency.
Issue resolution
Easily address escalations and issues within a workflow, allowing for immediate meetings or messages to resolve any bottlenecks swiftly.
Template playbooks
Design customizable, repeatable processes that drastically minimize manual work, while accurately accommodating the unique requirements of different projects or variations within standard processes.
Intelligent nudges
Avoid the pitfalls of drop-offs and delays with Moxo’s customizable intelligent reminders. Keep your clients in the loop with proactive updates, and manually nudge when personal touch is necessary. This ensures tasks are completed promptly, maintaining the pace of work and reducing downtime.
Complete oversight
Account managers can efficiently track workflows across their customer base, while management users have the holistic view to track performance across their teams. With this data, teams can directly manage to KPIs, identify and resolve bottlenecks, and make informed decisions that continuously enhance and streamline processes.

Powerful role management

Control is critical in any business process. With Moxo’s robust user management capabilities, decide who sees and does what. Assign roles and permissions with precision, provision feature access, and tailor workflow actions accordingly. This strategic allocation of tasks and roles enhances both security and efficiency.

Why organizations choose Moxo for workflows

Internal workflows

Support your external processes with powerful internal workflow configurations. Moxo helps streamline your tasks internally, making external delivery as smooth as possible.

Branded client portals

Customize your client portal with your logo, colors, and business content. Provide a cohesive and sophisticated brand experience.

Stay in compliance

Security is non-negotiable. With Moxo, rest easy knowing your and your clients' data are protected by best-in-class security measures, adhering to stringent compliance standards including SOC III and GDPR.

Integrates seamlessly

Moxo integrates smoothly with the tools and services organizations already use, facilitating a unified and efficient workflow. There's no need to switch between different applications to access documents or complete tasks.

Magic links

Simplify access like never before. With magic links, there's no need for clients to remember login details. A single click on a text or email link provides immediate entry into your bespoke onboarding portal.

Delivery models

Get started within minutes by choosing from templates or building your own. Available across mobile & web.

Learn moreThe image on Moxo's homepage shows its digital interaction workspace for easy client onboarding, B2B projects & smooth account management.

Put your brand front and center with your own private-labeled mobile apps and web portal, powered by Moxo.

Learn moreThis image showcases Moxo's client portal login screen on a sleek and modern mobile phone. Gain easy access to your business projects on-the-go with Moxo's streamlined solution. Simplify your account management and project collaboration with Moxo.

Extend your existing apps & portals. Moxo SDKs are available for iOS, Android, Javascript, React Native, and Cordova.

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