Client engagement for law firms

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

As a lawyer, oftentimes you are one of the most important relationships in your clients’ lives during their most challenging moments. They rely on your counsel, your representation, your strategy, and your protection. The lawyer-client relationship is a deeply personal one, and as such, it requires rigorous accountability and privacy.

Today, law offices are no stranger to the advantages of digital communications. Cloud services, for one, can digitize physical paperwork and workflows for the seamless extension of brick and mortar processes.  Legal firms, a client-centric industry by nature, are able to go virtual - having a practice presence across the country, meeting wherever and eliminating travel, and/or trimming costs of brick and mortar locales. These types of digital availabilities make lawyers and their practices even more readily able to assist their clients- creating an accessible hub from anywhere at any time to access advisement records, as well as pertinent case files.

Like all businesses, adopting technology that improves client experience is a welcome enhancement. However, in a business as meticulous and steadfast as law, the fleeting, often unsupervised nature of digital communications can be problematic. A documented paper trail is as synonymous to law as keys to a lock.

Today, the legal industry is adapting to provide increasingly digital and interactive experiences for clients. Engaging clients on digital is of paramount importance at this time, in order to keep continuous conversations around pressing legal proceedings, even remotely. The backbone of any relationship is trust, and the lawyer-client relationship exemplifies rule, not the exception. In perhaps the most demanding, difficult, or even exciting times of their lives, clients rely on their lawyers to provide sound advice and a solid defense built on detailed evidence.

Leveraging a OneStop Client Hub to power your virtual law firm, is an extremely effective strategy for engaging clients, managing your firm, keeping track of your cases, and auditing your interaction records. From the straightforward access of documents, to the continuous communication, and the assurance of an organized, secure paper trail, extending your practice to digital has never been easier.