How to create a client portal that's always improving

Ryan Forsythe, Content Marketing Specialist, Moxo

At Moxo, we’re always trying to keep an eye toward the future. When it comes to the world of B2B partnerships in 2024, we see a digital ecosystem that will be constantly evolving, which sounds daunting if you’re not ready for change. In this landscape, the creation and upkeep of a client portal isn't just a one-and-done task. It's an ongoing mission, much like keeping a high-performance car race-ready. You've got to tweak, adjust, and sometimes overhaul to keep it running at peak performance.

The question is — how do you ensure that your client portal isn't just keeping pace, but actually leading the pack?

It's all about evolving with your users' needs. Think of your client portal as a living, breathing entity in your business ecosystem, one that requires regular check-ins, updates, and, sometimes, a complete rethink to align with your clients' changing requirements and expectations.

Let’s dive deeper into how to create a client portal that's always on the upswing. We'll unpack strategies to better understand what your users really need, figure out which updates will hit the mark, and measure the real-world impact of the changes you roll out.

Keep an ear to the ground: The role of customer success

In the quest to keep your client portal cutting-edge, the first step needs to be all about tuning in to the voice of your customers. This is where the role of your customer success team becomes pivotal.

Your customer success team acts as the ears on the ground, constantly in touch with clients and understanding their business processes, challenges, and aspirations. But this step is more than just passive listening; it's about actively seeking insights that can shape the future of your client portal.

Let's break down what this process should entail:

  • Client conversations: Regular interactions with clients are gold mines of feedback. Whether it's through structured calls, surveys, or casual conversations, every interaction is an opportunity to gather valuable insights.
  • Feedback tracking: Every piece of feedback, no matter how small, is logged and categorized. This repository of client feedback becomes a crucial resource for identifying trends, common issues, and unique suggestions.
  • Learning from across the spectrum: By comparing notes from various clients, especially those in similar industries, your team can identify patterns and potential enhancements that could benefit a wide range of users.
  • Smart client insights: Occasionally, you'll encounter clients who provide exceptionally insightful feedback. These 'smart clients' can offer innovative ideas or pinpoint gaps that might not be immediately obvious.

The customer success team’s role in gathering and analyzing client feedback is just the beginning. It sets the stage for the next steps — where the product team steps in to sift through this feedback and decide which updates will make your client portal more responsive, efficient, and user-friendly. This synergy between listening to clients and implementing their feedback is what keeps your customer portal not just functioning, but thriving.

From feedback to features: Prioritizing client needs

Once your customer success team has collected a wealth of feedback, it's time for the product team to take the baton. This second phase is all about distilling insights into actionable steps that can enhance your client portal's functionality. It's a meticulous process of identifying common themes in the feedback and discerning which client portal features will deliver the most significant impact for your clients.

Here's how Moxo approaches continuous improvements to our client portal via client feedback:

  • Analyzing the feedback tracker: Our product team dives into the feedback tracker, a comprehensive log of all client inputs. They look for patterns and recurring themes that indicate areas where the portal can be improved or new client portal features that clients are seeking.
  • Assessing impact: Not all feedback is created equal. Some suggestions might be nice to have, while others could be game-changers in delivering value. Our team evaluates which potential updates could significantly enhance the user experience and help clients achieve their goals more effectively.
  • Prioritization of updates: The final step is prioritizing these potential enhancements. Our team weighs the benefits of each update against the resources required to implement it, ensuring that the most impactful changes are rolled out first.

This stage is crucial because it transforms raw client feedback into tangible improvements in the client portal. It's where client needs and business objectives intersect, guiding the development team in shaping a portal that's not only responsive to current demands but also anticipates future ones.

The product team's role at Moxo performs a delicate balancing act between innovation and practicality, ensuring that each update addresses client feedback and aligns with the overall vision for the customer portal. It’s about making strategic decisions that enhance the portal’s capabilities while keeping it intuitive and user-friendly.

Measuring the impact: The true test of your client portal

The final, and perhaps most crucial, phase to create a client portal that continuously improves is measuring the impact of each change. This step is where the rubber meets the road. Here you’ll determine if the updates you’ve made are truly resonating with users and enhancing their experience.

Tracking usage and engagement

The initial indicator of a successful update is its usage. Are clients actively engaging with the new client portal features or changes? Monitoring user interactions provides immediate feedback on how well the changes are being received and whether they're fulfilling their intended purpose.

Gathering targeted feedback

Post-implementation, it's essential to seek specific feedback on the new changes. This can involve direct outreach to clients or using in-portal surveys. The goal is to understand clients' perspectives on the enhancements: Are they making tasks easier? Do they add real value to the client's daily operations?

Analyzing long-term impact

Beyond immediate reactions, it's important to assess the long-term impact of the changes. This includes monitoring ongoing engagement levels, client satisfaction scores, and any corresponding increase in efficiency or productivity. Are clients achieving their objectives more effectively thanks to the updates?

Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to creating a client portal that remains a dynamic and responsive tool, always aligned with your clients’ needs and industry trends. This continuous loop of feedback, implementation, and evaluation keeps a client portal not just functional, but exceptional.

Build a future-proof client portal With Moxo

The client portal you put in front of your audience requires constant attention, care, and the willingness to adapt based on changing conditions and feedback. By actively listening to your users, meticulously analyzing their feedback, prioritizing impactful changes, and rigorously measuring the results, you cultivate a customer portal that not only meets, but anticipates client needs.

As you embark on this journey of continual improvement, remember that Moxo is here to guide and support you every step of the way. With Moxo, you gain access to a platform that's not only robust and feature-rich, but also flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing landscape of your clients’ needs.

Embrace Moxo's cutting-edge solutions to build a client portal that's always improving, always relevant, and always a step ahead. Let's work together to create a client portal where your clients feel valued, understood, and consistently impressed.