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March 23, 2023

Introducing Forms

Create custom digital forms, streamline your data collection, and automate processes with our no-code drag and drop form builder.

Introducing Forms, the newest addition to Moxo's powerful digital interaction workspaces. With Forms, businesses now have an easy-to-use solution for creating custom forms without needing any coding skills; setting up a form is as simple as dragging elements into place with our drag and drop builder.

Forms seamlessly integrates into Moxo’s visual workflow builder, along with document interaction, digital signatures, approvals and more —streamlining data collection. Moxo forms can help automate processes from onboarding customers to ongoing document collection. Businesses can effortlessly collect data from vendors, partners, and other external parties. Forms can be saved as a template for easy routine use.

Forms will bring tremendous value to businesses that are looking for a seamless yet powerful solution for collecting information. Save time and start using powerful workflows to make informed decisions with Moxo Forms.

About Moxo
Control the chaos of managing client business with Moxo. Streamline external projects with digital interaction workflows  - from account acquisition, to onboarding, and servicing. Coordinate with customers, vendors, and partners to achieve joint deliverables, track milestones, exchange documents, gather approvals and more.