How Hosp Point increased revenue by 70% and improved client onboarding with Moxo

The problem
"As a consulting company that comes into a business to tell them what they're supposed to do through processes, procedures, and through structure, we first need to be extremely organized."

Hosp Point faced the challenge of managing frequent back-and-forth communication, paperwork-heavy processes, and timely project updates. Their communication was scattered across various platforms like email, texts, WhatsApp, and video calls. Additionally, their paperwork was saved in different locations, making it difficult to maintain consistency and efficiency. Hosp Point also prioritized implementing a secure platform to ensure the safety of their clients' sensitive information.

Due to the fragmented communication channels and scattered document management, Hosp Point struggled to keep all team members on the same page. The need for a unified system became evident as the team sought to enhance their internal organization to better serve their clients.

Moreover, the firm's growth aspirations necessitated a more streamlined approach to handling increasing client demands. As their client base expanded, maintaining the same level of personalized service and operational efficiency became increasingly difficult. Hosp Point needed a solution that could scale with their growth and simplify their processes.

The solution
"We found that the Hosp Point app gets us extremely organized by the way we save our files, the way that we create our Flows for our clients, and the way that we have our conversations grouped by clients - it's all in one place."

With Moxo's collaborative workflow platform, Hosp Point was able to create automated workflows tailored to their various services, such as bar consulting and front-of-house operations. The Moxo-powered app allowed them to centralize communication, ensuring that all conversations and documents were stored in a single, secure platform. This streamlined their processes and made it easier for the team to stay organized.

Using Moxo Flow, Hosp Point could automate their business processes, including client onboarding. This automation enabled them to replicate the same efficient workflows for different clients, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. "For us to be extremely successful as a consultant company, we need to provide the structure first and we are able to do it through Flows," said Daniel Bauer, Founder of Hosp Point.

The centralized platform also provided transparent oversight over internal teams and client accounts. Management could easily monitor the status of each client and ensure that all team members were informed about ongoing projects. "It's really easy to get in and see the status of every single client that is in there. You always are informed about everything that is happening," Bauer added.

The result
"Thanks to Moxo and the way that it has helped our company grow, I'm happy to report that our revenue has grown 70% year over year."

Hosp Point's implementation of Moxo's collaborative workflow software led to significant improvements in their operations. Their client onboarding time decreased by more than 40%, allowing the firm to onboard new clients more efficiently and effectively. "Our client onboarding time has decreased more than 40%," stated Carlos Alfredo Boada, Founder of Hosp Point.

The improved organization and streamlined processes enabled Hosp Point to attract and serve more clients. "This year we've picked up about an additional 10 clients that we couldn't have done if we didn't have the app," noted Bauer. The ability to handle a larger client base without compromising service quality was a testament to the effectiveness of Moxo's solution.

Ultimately, Hosp Point experienced a remarkable 70% increase in revenue, driven by the enhanced efficiency and scalability provided by Moxo's software. Employees could focus more on attracting new customers rather than getting bogged down by procedural tasks. "Now that everything's built in, it's very easy for us to grow," Bauer concluded.