How real estate brokerage Salty Air Living increased efficiency by 30% with Moxo

The problem
Salty Air Living faced a significant challenge with managing multiple programs and communication channels.

"Working at other firms, they were using way too many different programs, which means your client is having to remember multiple logins," explained Jenna Kazmierczak, Owner & Licensed Broker at Salty Air Living. This complexity not only confused clients but also led to unreliable communication, with emails and text messages sometimes failing to go through.

In addition, sending documents and large files through email proved unreliable. Kazmierczak found herself using only small parts of various massive programs, which didn't justify the financial investment. As a real estate broker constantly on the move, she needed a solution that could centralize documents, schedule meetings and appointments, and streamline communication—all accessible on the go.

Starting her own firm, Kazmierczak sought a more efficient system. "I needed something that I could access on the go, because as a real estate broker, I am always going in between appointments and everything in real estate is so timely," she noted. This necessity for a cohesive, mobile-friendly solution set the stage for the introduction of Moxo’s collaborative workflow software.

The solution
The introduction of Moxo’s collaborative workflow software revolutionized Salty Air Living’s operations.

"Before having an app, as a real estate broker, I would get texts, calls, voicemails, and emails, and I would need to figure out where somebody was contacting me," Kazmierczak recalled. With the Moxo-powered app, Salty Air Living was able to streamline and automate processes such as onboarding clients, managing documents, and maintaining step-by-step communication with clients.

The app facilitated efficient interactions and workflows through templated Flows, which were used to onboard clients, collect documents and signatures, and provide clients with a transparent view of the real estate process. This automation and transparency significantly improved communication, allowing clients to see real-time updates on their transactions. "This has really helped communication because the client can see what’s happening. Even in-office communication has been streamlined a lot," said John Salter, a Licensed Broker at Salty Air Living.

For Kazmierczak, having transparent insight into client accounts through the app enabled her to assist brokers with transactions as needed. The Flow templates ensured that all steps of the transaction were completed correctly, reducing liability for both buyers and sellers, as well as for the firm itself. "Keeping all these disclosures and documents in one place and keeping the Flows going in order not only reduces liability for buyers and sellers but for us as a firm as well," she explained.

The result
“Since Salty Air Living began, I have continued to double my business year after year. Moxo has been a huge part in that, in allowing me to work efficiently, work on the go, have access to all my documents, and to keep all my clients organized.”

- Jenna Kazmierczak, Owner

The impact of Moxo’s software on Salty Air Living was profound. The custom-branded app cut down administrative time significantly, making operations more efficient and cohesive.

The streamlined processes and improved communication allowed Kazmierczak to focus more on client interactions and business growth. "Having my very own custom-branded app where I'm able to mold it exactly how I want to use it probably cuts down like a third of the time because everything is in one place," she added. This increased efficiency translated directly into business growth, with Salty Air Living doubling its business annually.

Today, Salty Air Living is a thriving boutique real estate firm based in Kure Beach, North Carolina, serving the greater Wilmington, Brunswick Islands, and surrounding areas. The firm specializes in coastal properties and prides itself on providing a seamless, organized experience for clients, welcoming them to the relaxed lifestyle of living by the ocean.