How 1852 Media saves 2 hours per employee per day with Moxo

The problem
1852 Media faced a significant challenge: managing multiple clients, including authors and small businesses, while keeping all project files, paperwork, and communications organized.

The lack of a centralized system led to inefficiencies, with team members frequently having to track interactions and documents across various channels. This disorganization resulted in lost time and increased the risk of errors, making it difficult to maintain a high level of client service.

Specifically, the absence of a streamlined workflow meant that onboarding new clients and collecting necessary documents was a cumbersome process. Team members often had to rely on lengthy email threads and scattered documents, which not only slowed down the process but also made it challenging to ensure all required paperwork was completed accurately and on time.

Moreover, the scattered nature of communications and project files posed a significant risk whenever a team member was out of office. Without easy access to all client information, other team members found it difficult to step in seamlessly, leading to potential delays and disruptions in service. This lack of visibility into client accounts was a major bottleneck in their operational efficiency.

The solution
Moxo's collaborative workflow software enabled 1852 Media to automate routine processes, organize client communications and project files, and improve visibility into client accounts.

By implementing Moxo, 1852 Media was able to automate routine processes and guide clients through step-by-step actions, ensuring all onboarding paperwork was completed efficiently. The centralized platform allowed the team to collect documents and manage communications in one place, significantly improving their workflow.

With Moxo, all client project files and communications were consolidated into a single, organized workspace. This eliminated the need to track interactions across multiple channels, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and minimizing the risk of errors. Clients also benefited from a more streamlined and professional experience, as they had access to an organized workspace throughout their project lifecycle.

Additionally, the improved visibility into client accounts enabled team members, including Roberts, to provide better support. Rather than sifting through numerous email threads, Roberts could easily access all relevant information in one place. This was particularly beneficial when a team member was out of office, as other team members could seamlessly manage client accounts without any interruptions.

The result
1852 Media saved over two hours per day, increased client capacity by 13%, and boosted revenue by 14.7%.

"At this point, I feel like we can take on so many more clients now because it's freed up so much time. I'm not having to go through my emails every day and archive them in their specific folders,” said Roberts. The time saved from streamlining interactions and onboarding allowed 1852 Media to save over two hours per day.

This increased efficiency translated into tangible business benefits. The company was able to take on 13% more clients, with account managers increasing their client bandwidth by 30%. The streamlined processes and improved organization directly contributed to a 14.7% increase in revenue. The enhanced workflow not only boosted productivity but also positioned 1852 Media for sustainable growth.