How Veon Szu Law increased their process efficiency by 80%

The problem
Veon Szu Law faced the challenge of modernizing their practice to meet evolving tech demands. They needed a cost-effective solution to streamline paperwork and boost efficiency.

"There's a big difference between that 90s tech wave and the actual transformation that took place in the past four to five years," explains Khaw Veon Szu, Founding Partner of Veon Szu Law. The necessity for remote work due to the global pandemic accelerated this need, pushing the law firm to seek digital tools that could support their new operational realities.

The legal industry is known for its extensive reliance on physical documents, and Veon Szu Law was no exception. The manual handling of paperwork created bottlenecks, slowed down communication, and made internal and client-facing processes cumbersome and prone to error. Additionally, the firm struggled with maintaining efficient collaboration among team members, particularly when working remotely. This inefficiency not only impacted internal workflows but also affected client satisfaction and the overall effectiveness of their legal services.

To stay competitive and continue providing top-tier legal services, Veon Szu Law needed to find a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing operations, modernize their workflows, and enable better communication and collaboration both within the firm and with their clients.

The solution
Moxo provided Veon Szu Law with a robust collaborative workflow solution, enabling the firm to securely manage paperwork, and manage processes seamlessly with clients and team members.

With Moxo, Veon Szu Law established a streamlined workflow under their brand, bringing all necessary tools for legal practice into one cohesive system. “Moxo has made our processes hassle-free, smooth, and very efficient. I can sign documents, change, edit, make comments, and review agreements through my laptop or mobile phone," says Khaw Veon Szu. This ease of accessibility ensures that legal operations can be conducted from anywhere, anytime, providing much-needed flexibility in a modern work environment.

The platform's capabilities go beyond simple document management. Moxo facilitates instant communication through text, video, and voice messages, allowing for real-time collaboration and decision-making. Secure document sharing and e-signature capabilities ensure that sensitive legal documents are handled with the utmost privacy and security. This comprehensive workflow solution addresses multiple pain points, transforming Veon Szu Law's operations from cumbersome to streamlined.

Furthermore, the adoption of Moxo has significantly improved client interactions. Clients can review contract documents, attend video meetings, and share files without the hassle of using multiple applications or platforms. The user-friendly nature of Moxo means that even those unfamiliar with advanced technology can easily navigate the system, ensuring high adoption rates and satisfaction.

The results
Using Moxo led to remarkable improvements in efficiency and client satisfaction. Workflows became significantly more streamlined, allowing the legal team to focus on delivering high-quality services.

Internal collaboration saw an 80% improvement, as team members could now communicate and work together more effectively. "Moxo really helps us in terms of team communication and collaboration on work. My lawyers and my administrative staff make all these workflows for drafting letters, letter reviews, and contract reviews that make internal processes really smooth,” notes Khaw Veon Szu. The ability to handle legal processes digitally and collaboratively reduced the time and effort required for administrative tasks, allowing the team to focus on more strategic activities.

Client workflows also experienced a 50% improvement. Clients appreciated the convenience and simplicity of using Moxo for their legal needs. The platform's features, such as secure document sharing and e-signature capabilities, enhanced client engagement and satisfaction.

“My clients love the app. I can easily see that our workflows have improved by leaps and bounds.

says Khaw Veon Szu. The seamless integration of these features meant that clients could enjoy a branded, personalized experience, enhancing the firm's reputation and client loyalty.

Overall, Moxo empowered Veon Szu Law to deliver a superior legal service experience, both internally and externally. The transformation from a traditional to a digitally-enabled law firm not only met the immediate needs brought about by remote work requirements but also positioned the firm for future growth and success in an increasingly competitive market.