A Malaysia-based law firm aims to meet the legal demands of modern business with the Moxo Platform

Moxo powers the Business Service Hub for Veon Szu® Law, an innovative and contemporary legal services brand that has adopted technology to reduce costs and risks, improve efficiencies, and increase its value to clients.

In response to the ever-changing legal landscape worldwide, Messrs. Veon Szu & Kok Thye (George Town office), under the leadership of Khaw Veon Szu, has established an innovative and contemporary legal services brand, Veon Szu® Law. Based in Malaysia, Veon Szu® Law specializes in startups and business law, housing and strata management law, intellectual property law, and estate planning and administration law. Looking to modernize the legal space and innovate for clients via technology, Veon Szu® Law launched their Moxo-powered OneStop Client Interaction Hub to effectively streamline firm workflows and greatly improve client interaction management — all within a single, private digital platform. 

“The process of transformation from the old type of legal practice… Machines like typewriters and slowly transforming to fax machine, photocopiers, computer. That process took quite a while,” explains Veon Szu, Founding Partner of Veon Szu & Kok Thye (George Town Office). “There's a big difference between that 90’s tech wave and the actual transformation that took place in the past four to five years. Because working from home has become a real need, this necessity pushed us to embrace digital tools.”


"Internal collaborations have improved easily by 80%. Moxo is hassle-free, smooth, and very efficient. Workflows have improved internal efficiency by leaps and bounds. In fact, those of my clients that have had the opportunity to try it have also loved it, improving client workflows by 50%. 

Veon Szu, Founding Partner of Veon Szu & Kok Thye (George Town Office)

The Veon Szu® Law App allows the legal team to deliver a branded, personal experience to their clients from the convenience of their mobile device or desktop. Efficient workflows and client interactions between staff and clients are enabled by instant text, video, and voice messaging, secure document sharing, e-signature capabilities, and more. Clients of Veon Szu enjoy using the app to swiftly review contract documents, attend video meetings, and share files “without the hassle of logging in, logging out, multiple app installations, and uploading files outside of the Moxo ecosystem.” 

“The tools are all there. The features are all there. It's quite rich, but more important is the ease of use. I must say, it's really impressive. Moxo really helps us in terms of team communication and collaboration on work. My lawyers and my administrative staff make all these workflows for drafting letters, letter reviews, and contract reviews that make internal processes really smooth.”

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