British logistics company streamlined their operations from end-to-end with the Moxo OneStop Client Hub

Moxo powers the OneStop Client Interaction Hub for One Motion, a logistics company based in the UK focusing on personnel and equipment supply, fleet management, and delivery services across Europe.

One Motion is a logistics company experienced in delivering logistics solutions to market leaders throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. The core of their operations is personnel and equipment supply, fleet management, and delivery services. With multiple channels of carrier distribution and large fleet networks, One Motion is able to implement a solution to virtually any logistical obstacle, anywhere in the EU.

"We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest retailers as well as smaller clients, supporting their objectives to enable them to grow. Our systems and processes are standardized for speed and flexible customization.

Mismanagement of communication and resources is detrimental to any supply chain business. Before Moxo, there was a disconnect in collaboration between their team and drivers, which left logistics operations strenuous and inefficient. The logistics and coordination around dispatching drivers for deliveries, approving purchase orders, and confirmation of dispatch jobs was a huge point of concern. Because all communication and planning were completed through disjointed channels such as email and phone calls, problems such as delays, errors, lack of oversight, operational misalignment, and longer cycles for driver coordination were frequent.

Due to their expansive network of fleet organizations and distribution channels, One Motion recognized the necessity and value of implementing an all-in-one digital solution that was conveniently accessible and easy to navigate. Particularly, an app that allows them to automate workflows and streamline communications to establish more efficient systems for drivers, maintain a strong rapport with clients across different countries, and better support their network by increasing the overall productivity of processes.

One Motion launched their Moxo-powered OneStop Hub, Port One by One Motion, to streamline their trucking and fleet operations while simultaneously improving the management of their client and partner accounts. Their app allows them to increase operational efficiency through centralized communications between clients and account managers, finance teams, and high-level support agents.

Port One is an interactive OneStop experience that enables their clients to stay current with accounts and manage transactions, ensuring complete visibility on upcoming logistical opportunities with real-time notifications. The outcome: smoother operations, strengthened relationships, and increased business.

The hub enables staff to deliver just-in-time responsiveness to clients, update assignees, create tickets, and continue to run their business while on the road — right at their fingertips.

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