One Motion Logistics streamlined their operations from end-to-end with Moxo

The problem
One Motion Logistics faced a significant challenge: mismanagement of communication and resources.

This issue stemmed from a disconnect in collaboration between their team and drivers, making logistics operations strenuous and inefficient. Their operations, which included dispatching drivers for deliveries, approving purchase orders, and confirming dispatch jobs, were hindered by the use of disjointed communication channels like email and phone calls.

These disjointed communication methods led to frequent problems such as delays, errors, lack of oversight, and operational misalignment. The longer cycles for driver coordination were particularly problematic, affecting the overall efficiency and reliability of their services. As One Motion's network of fleet organizations and distribution channels expanded, these inefficiencies became increasingly detrimental.

Recognizing the need for improvement, One Motion understood that their operations required an all-in-one digital solution that was not only conveniently accessible but also easy to navigate. They needed a platform that could automate workflows and streamline communications, ensuring more efficient systems for drivers and better support for their network.

The solution
Moxo's collaborative workflow software enabled One Motion to launch Port One, centralizing communications and automating workflows to enhance operational efficiency and client management.

The solution came in the form of Moxo’s collaborative workflow software, which allowed One Motion to launch Port One by One Motion. This hub was designed to streamline their trucking and fleet operations while simultaneously improving the management of their client and partner accounts.

Port One centralized communications between clients, account managers, finance teams, and high-level support agents, enabling One Motion to increase operational efficiency. “With Moxo, we can maintain a strong rapport with clients across different countries and significantly boost the overall productivity of our processes,” noted a representative from One Motion. The interactive OneStop experience provided by Port One ensured complete visibility on upcoming logistical opportunities through real-time notifications.

The implementation of Port One also allowed One Motion to automate workflows, making it easier for staff to update assignees, create tickets, and continue running their business while on the road. This real-time responsiveness was crucial for maintaining the high standards of service that One Motion's clients expected.

The result
The result of using Moxo was transformative for One Motion Logistics, resulting in smoother operations, strengthened vendor relationships, and increased business.

Their logistics processes became seamless, and communication significantly improved. By using Port One, One Motion staff could deliver just-in-time responsiveness to clients, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

The centralized communication platform allowed them to manage transactions more effectively and stay current with accounts, leading to improved oversight and reduced errors. Overall, One Motion Logistics achieved greater operational efficiency, reduced delays, and improved coordination across their vast network. This transformation not only enhanced their service quality but also positioned them for sustainable growth in a highly competitive market.