How AMCK Group streamlined talent management processes with Moxo

The problem
AMCK Group faced numerous challenges in managing a global talent pool, necessitating a reliable digital solution for business operations.

In the talent management industry, it's normal to have clients across the globe, making remote, digital collaboration an absolute necessity. AMCK Talent recognized the value of providing a platform for virtual go-sees, electronic contract signing, video meetings, and booking management. They needed a solution that could handle the complexity of their operations while maintaining a seamless user experience for their talent and clients.

Additionally, the internal business operations at AMCK needed significant improvements. Streamlined talent onboarding workflows, auditable transactions, organized calendars, and continuous client connectivity were critical pain points. The onset of the pandemic exacerbated these issues, forcing AMCK to halt operations temporarily and rethink their strategy.

Aicha McKenzie, Founder & CEO of AMCK Group, articulated the urgency of the situation:

"It all came back to the idea of purpose... We needed to make sure that something like this would actually be serving our dancers, models, and agents.

The solution
AMCK Group adopted Moxo's collaborative workflow platform to address their operational challenges and elevate their business processes.

Moxo's software provided AMCK with a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of a talent management agency. The platform offered tools for virtual go-sees, electronic contract signing, video meetings, and booking management, significantly enhancing their ability to collaborate remotely and safely. These features enabled AMCK to maintain efficiency and consistency in their operations, even when physical interactions were limited.

Moreover, Moxo addressed AMCK's internal pain points by streamlining talent onboarding workflows, ensuring auditable transactions, and organizing calendars. The platform facilitated continuous connectivity with clients, allowing AMCK to manage their diverse talent roster effectively. The holistic approach of Moxo's solution ensured that every aspect of AMCK's operations was optimized for the digital age.

With Moxo, AMCK Group could now support their elite selection of dancers, choreographers, creative directors, and models through a centralized, collaborative platform. The software’s intuitive interface and seamless integration with existing processes meant that AMCK could preserve the human touch in their interactions while leveraging the power of digital automation.

The result
Implementing Moxo's platform revolutionized AMCK Group's operations, providing a seamless, efficient, and connected experience for both talent and clients.

Moxo's software powers a streamlined experience for AMCK clients, built for moving creatively in a digital world, offering contextual, consistent, and frictionless solutions to working remotely, safely, and digitally. The platform helped to preserve their holistic operations and human touch while launching the talent management industry into the digital age.

Collaborative workflows supported by Moxo enable AMCK Group to manage their deep and diverse talent roster efficiently. Clients and talent can easily present and share messages, documents, notes, and video clips. Finalizing approvals, e-signatures, video conferencing, secure virtual real-time castings, control and communication of bookings, and in-app image management are now seamless, convenient, and efficient for all parties involved.

AMCK Group has successfully streamlined their talent management processes with Moxo, providing talent with the most connected, collaborative, and immersive experience possible. Embracing digital transformation has allowed AMCK to maintain their industry-leading position while offering unparalleled service to their diverse clientele.

With Moxo, AMCK Group not only addressed their operational challenges but also set a new standard for digital excellence in the talent management industry.