Balfour Homes sales jump 2,000% in two months after launching their OneStop Client Hub

Moxo powers the app for Balfour Homes, an Australian property brokerage that streamlines the complex home building process by directly comparing builders, designs, and land parcels for clients.

Balfour Homes streamlines the home building process. They provide clients access to a panel of over 70 financial products and lenders, land developers across multiple locations, and bespoke home designers based on the customer’s vision and budget. Founded in 2020, Balfour Homes has already helped over 800 clients find and build their dream home.

Balfour Homes recognized the importance of adopting technology to complete their business procedures and further streamline communication with clients. They launched their Moxo-powered OneStop Client Hub, Balfour Homes — Digital Broker, and reduced their 2-3 week buying process down to just 24 hours.

While the world shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Balfour Home’s sales soared from $1.5 million to $40 million in a matter of months with the implementation of their app, powered by Moxo's Customer Interaction Platform. With integrated capabilities such as virtual walkthroughs, video messaging, digital signature, and more, Balfour Homes was able to complete transactions and carry on with business as usual through their app — while maintaining a level of human connection that is expected from a brokerage during the home building process.  

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