India-based academic institution aims to reinvent education with Moxo

Moxo powers the Client Interaction Hub for Centum Academy, an academic institution that strives to shift how education, foundation coaching, and JEE training are imposed in India through a hands-on approach to learning, where students interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn.

Established by a group of passionate Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) alumni, Centum Academy is an academic institution based in Bangalore, India. Through the principle of “learning by doing”, Centum Academy designs new curriculum models, which are then implemented in schools throughout Bangalore in an effort to reinvent how education is conveyed in India. The institution is build on the philosophy of hands-on mentorship, individualized education, and student empowerment.

Incepted with a brick-and-mortar system, Director of Centum Academy Tushar Sinah states they never originally planned to go digital. “Typically, in education or in a classroom, in-person teaching is always preferred over a digital mechanism — especially in India,” explains Sinah. “Parents also had a mindset that in-person schooling is better than internet [in a pre-covid world].”

"Moxo was like an angel for us — we were desperate to have a platform to ensure that our children were not deprived of teaching. We can't imagine our lives without Moxo right now.

Tushar Sinha, Director at Centum Academy

At the beginning of their digitization journey, Centum Academy started by implementing multiple different forms of technology — resulting in unnecessary complexity and lack of oversight when delivering education.

“One of the best aspects of Moxo is the combination of multiple standalone features, such as creating groups and centralized interactions… If I have to send a link or a document, everything is all in one place,” says Sinah. The Moxo Platform allows their team to create workspaces for students and teachers, making it easy to send updates via secure chat messaging, instead of sending individual notes to students or faculty through email. “In regards to communication, it has become very efficient and seamless.”

Primarily used to interact with students, the app accommodates class scheduling, real-time notifications, streamlined student onboarding, organized assignment itinerary, document sharing, live virtual sessions, and more. The Centum Academy App breaks down the barriers of traditional classroom education, empowering students to ask questions in a just-in-time basis throughout their studies for an enhanced learning practice.

Accessible on mobile or web, the app provides students, parents, and teachers with an engaging and personalized education experience. And with student privacy a top priority, parents can rest assured that their children are safe when working within the Centum Academy App due to stringent security requirements and encryption capabilities.

“We believe that education cannot happen only within the confines of the classroom. You have to go out and be a part of your student's life,” says Sinah. “If that's not done, then that's not real education. Moxo has enabled us to be the part of our students life, and I'll definitely be indebted for that.”

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