Entourage Collection provides clients with unparalleled luxury concierge services from anywhere in the world, facilitated through their OneStop Hub

Moxo powers the OneStop Client Interaction Hub for Entourage Collection, providing their clients with a bespoke luxury concierge experience at their fingertips.

Founded on the desire to enhance, enrich, and curate the most extraordinary experiences available across the globe, Entourage Collection offers bespoke concierge, event, and travel assistance personalized to each of their clients. Comprised of carefully curated services where no request is unattainable, each sector of Entourage Collection has been thoughtfully and meticulously developed to provide clients with an unparalleled concierge experience.

With clients located all over the world, the team at Entourage Collection found that communicating through email and other disparate platforms was ineffective and disorganized. Experience is essential to the Entourage Collection brand, and it is imperative for their team to provide clients with a convenient and efficient method of accessing their team that preserves the luxury experience that clients expect when doing business with them. Additionally, streamlining client-centric workflows would help immensely with onboarding new clients.

The Entourage Collection Hub enhances the client journey by providing an interactive OneStop Portal experience for continuous connection, enabling further accessibility and convenience to the services they offer. Breathtaking events, luxurious vacation destinations, and any requests in-between are seamlessly executed through their Moxo-powered Hub — from anywhere in the world.

"The Entourage Collection Hub allows our motto, 'The sky is no longer the limit,' to shine even more brightly.
Simon Liebel, Founder of Entourage Collection

The OneStop Interaction Hub helps their team bring their clients imaginations to life, with an extraordinary attention to details. Clients are kept up to date with event or travel coordination, and the Entourage Collection team are able to streamline client requests and complete tasks more efficiently.

Entourage Collection’s philosophy “The sky is no longer the limit,” reaches new heights with their OneStop Hub, completely enhancing the client's experience. By providing an interactive digital platform for convenient, personalized access to their business, clients are empowered to connect with their team from anywhere in the world, on the device of their choice. With Moxo, Entourage Collection can power luxury concierge services — right in their client's pocket.

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