How Falconi Consulting transformed digital consulting processes with Moxo

The problem
Falconi Consulting faced a significant challenge in delivering their consulting services to micro and small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With lockdowns in place, traditional face-to-face interactions were no longer feasible. Falconi needed a way to maintain their high standards of service while transitioning to a completely remote setup.

For over 30 years, Falconi has been a beacon of efficiency and success for businesses in Brazil and beyond. However, the pandemic brought unprecedented obstacles. Micro and small businesses, already operating with tight margins, found themselves struggling to survive without the robust management systems of larger organizations. Falconi recognized the dire need for a solution to support these vulnerable businesses during such critical times.

The lockdowns highlighted the gaps in Falconi’s existing communication and workflow systems. Their clients needed seamless, real-time support and guidance, which the traditional methods could no longer provide. The challenge was not just about moving online but ensuring the transition did not compromise the quality and effectiveness of their consulting services.

The solution
To address this challenge, Falconi Consulting turned to Moxo’s collaborative workflow software. This move enabled them to continue providing top-notch consulting services remotely, ensuring that their clients received the support they needed during the pandemic.

Falconi leveraged Moxo’s platform to launch the Falconi Together initiative. This app provided a centralized hub where clients could access consulting services, communicate with Falconi’s team, and manage their business processes digitally. The Moxo platform’s robust features facilitated seamless communication, document sharing, and project management, all critical for effective consulting.

"Moxo helps us deliver the best solution to client businesses, and support them remotely. 85% of the companies in Falconi Together say that the Moxo platform improves communication and helps to provide the most value to our companies. It is truly fantastic," said Matheus Pinto Magalhaes, Falconi Management Consultant. The platform’s intuitive interface and comprehensive tools ensured that Falconi’s clients could easily navigate the digital consulting experience, even those with limited technical expertise.

The result
The implementation of Moxo’s collaborative workflow software had a profound impact on Falconi Consulting’s operations and their clients’ success.

The platform enabled Falconi to maintain their high standards of service delivery, even in a remote setting.

Through Moxo, Falconi provided their clients with the same level of personalized, expert guidance they were known for, despite the physical distance. The app facilitated real-time communication and streamlined workflows, significantly enhancing the consulting experience. "We are just following the vision of our founder, when he says that we have to deliver our knowledge to more companies," says Magalheaus. "We found a way to use the Moxo platform to accelerate dreams."

Additionally, Falconi expanded the use of Moxo’s platform with their ‘Mid’ app, designed for medium and large enterprises. This app enabled Falconi to deliver tailored services, ensuring efficient project implementation and greater client autonomy. The centralized communication and control over deliverables offered by the Moxo platform empowered clients to achieve best-in-class results.