How Form Collective took on 20%+ design projects with Moxo

The problem
Form Collective faced significant challenges in maintaining seamless processes across multiple projects. The collaborative nature of their work required detailed communication with clients and external vendors, which became increasingly difficult and fragmented.

“We'd have multiple emails, multiple text messages, messages on WhatsApp, messages on Instagram. Some people were CC'd on these things, other people weren't. So it became very challenging to communicate with a client and keep track of what's going on,” explained Lauren Webb, Principal Designer & Partner at Form Collective. This scattered communication led to inefficiencies, with important updates and documents often lost or overlooked, hindering project progress.

The lack of a centralized platform meant that Form Collective struggled to keep all parties updated on design plans and project developments. This disjointed communication not only led to confusion but also compromised the firm's ability to deliver timely and cohesive design solutions. Additionally, managing internal team interactions and ensuring oversight of client projects added to the complexity, diverting valuable time and resources away from creative work. Form Collective needed a solution to streamline their interactions, enhance communication efficiency, and provide a dedicated space for all project-related processes, documents, and updates.

The solution
To address these challenges, Form Collective adopted Moxo's collaborative workflow solution. Moxo provided a centralized platform where all interactions, updates, and documents, could be managed efficiently, ensuring that stakeholders had access to the necessary information.

Moxo's solution allowed Form Collective to establish tailored roles and permissions, facilitating smooth interactions between internal teams, clients, and external vendors. By designating appropriate workspaces, they could ensure that only relevant parties were included in specific communications and project updates, thereby reducing clutter and enhancing clarity. The platform also enabled seamless sharing and updating of design drafts, photos, videos, and all project documentation, accessible on the go, making it easier for the team to stay on top of their work.

Furthermore, Moxo provided a secure and organized space for storing paperwork and sensitive information, branded to Form Collective's business. This not only ensured data security but also reinforced their professional image. The ability to manage everything in one place allowed Form Collective to maintain complete oversight of their projects, enhancing their overall operational efficiency.

“Moxo's solution has added a tremendous amount of value by making us more efficient as a business and as a company, and being in better communication with our clients, which means we have happier clients. It makes us all more efficient, which helps us take on more and make more money,” highlighted Lauren Webb.

The result
With Moxo, Form Collective experienced significant improvements in overall project management. They were able to streamline all communications and keep project fileswell-organized, leading to a more efficient workflow.

“Moxo has helped us streamline our communication— all of our files are organized in a place where everybody can access them. We can manage everything, see everything that's going on, and have a full understanding of what is happening in our business at any given time,” said Lauren Webb. This newfound efficiency not only enhanced internal operations but also improved client satisfaction, as communication became clearer and more consistent.

Moxo's efficiency allowed Form Collective to take on 20% more projects, a substantial increase that directly contributed to their growth and profitability. “Since we started using Moxo, we've been able to take on 20% more in projects, which is a big number for us, and that's strictly because it has increased our efficiency in workload and in our office tasks,” shared Josephina Serra, Principal Designer & Partner at Form Collective.

Overall, the adoption of Moxo's collaborative workflow solution transformed Form Collective's operations, enabling them to manage their projects more effectively and focus on delivering exceptional interior design solutions. The enhanced communication and organization facilitated by Moxo not only improved their efficiency but also positioned them for continued growth and success in the competitive field of interior design.