A prestigious Irish post-graduate institution offers a digital campus experience with the Cohort app

Hibernia College is Ireland’s first and only, accredited online third-level institution, focused on providing access to flexible, high-quality graduate, postgraduate and professional education.

Founded on forward thinking principals and a pioneering spirit, Hibernia embraces advancements in educational techniques by providing their teachers with effective fundamentals and evolving methods. Hibernia College’s School of Education is committed to programs that prepare educators to be critical thinkers with technologically sound skill sets and strong academic backgrounds. Empowered teachers empower students, and Hibernia’s mission is to improve educational techniques by blending innovation with progress, and offering affordable, accessible adult and professional training. 

Hibernia College’s OneStop Hub enables students and teachers to engage in a fully interactive virtual classroom, from anywhere. Students can access lessons and assignments, as well as collaborative immersive workstations, all from within their own home or office. Students can easily communicate with their instructors, as well as other students, and maintain a e-paper trail of all lesson activities for future reference. With the flexibility and convenience of a digital destination, continued education can be seamlessly integrated into a busy lifestyle. 

Capabilities in the Hibernia OneStop Portal include: Text, Voice and Video Messaging; Collaborative Workspaces with Document Sharing; Annotated Notes, and Task Management; Persistent Transcript of Work and Interactions; Organizational Project Binders; Calendar and Scheduling; Management Portal; Secure Voice and Video Meeting; Comprehensive Lesson Presentation with Whiteboarding and Screensharing; and more.

With the Hibernia OneStop Portal, instructors and educators can monitor student progress and better tailor lesson plans. Administrators are also able to guarantee that each student receives the personalized and quality attention aligned with the Hibernia brand, with a management overview of each educational journey.

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