How Hibernia College enhanced student engagement and retention with Moxo

The problem
Hibernia College faced a significant challenge in fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment for its digital learners.

As a digital learning institution, the college needed to create a sense of community among students who were dispersed across the country. “If you take a traditional e-learning setup where all of the learning is online, completion rates typically run somewhere around 50% and people drop out of those programs because they don't feel sufficiently supported,” explained Francis McKeagney, Head of Digital Learning at Hibernia College.

The lack of community and support in typical e-learning environments led to high dropout rates and low student engagement. Hibernia College recognized that to maintain their impressive 97% student retention rate, they needed a solution that could offer robust support and a strong sense of community. This need was particularly pressing as students required a platform to communicate effectively with peers and faculty, and access educational resources seamlessly.

Moreover, the college wanted to ensure that the digital learning experience was secure and that all interactions were under the Hibernia brand. This would not only keep information secure but also provide an audit trail to maintain a safe learning environment. “It's really important that the virtual space that you create for students gives them a sense of belonging and that's what the Cohort app has done,” emphasized Dr. Mary Kelly, Academic Dean at Hibernia College.

The solution
To address these challenges, Hibernia College implemented Moxo’s collaborative workflow software, integrating it into their Cohort App.

This app became the cornerstone of their digital learning strategy, enabling students to stay connected, engaged, and supported throughout their educational journey. “The Cohort App is my primary form of communication between my peers and staff members. It enhances our discussions and the way we learn,” shared Megan Griffiths, a Professional Masters Student at Hibernia College.

Moxo’s platform allowed Hibernia College to create a collaborative community for students, providing a space where they could interact, share ideas, and access resources anytime, anywhere. The app’s ability to work across multiple devices ensured that students could stay connected regardless of their location. “The use of collaboration spaces, and the ability to tie those people together through these shared spaces on every device they have, wherever they are, at any time is an extremely powerful glue to keep them connected to the rest of the community,” noted Francis McKeagney.

Additionally, the Cohort App provided a secure environment for educational interactions. This not only safeguarded student information but also gave the college an audit trail to ensure a safe and compliant learning experience. The app’s integration under the Hibernia brand reinforced the sense of belonging among students, further enhancing their engagement and retention.

The result
Implementing Moxo’s collaborative workflow software transformed Hibernia College’s digital learning environment, leading to increased student engagement and retention.

The college successfully created a strong sense of community among its students, which was critical in maintaining their high completion rates. “At Hibernia College, we use the Cohort app to ensure that the students are fully engaged. It really has developed that whole sense of Hibernia College as a community,” stated Dr. Mary Kelly.

The platform’s ease of use and accessibility significantly enhanced the learning experience, allowing students to interact seamlessly with peers and faculty. This continuous engagement was pivotal in supporting students throughout their educational journey, contributing to the college’s impressive 97% retention rate. “It's become this holy grail of information, and has been revolutionary in my education,” expressed Megan Griffiths.

Moreover, the secure and branded environment provided by the Cohort App ensured that all educational interactions were safe and compliant. This not only protected student information but also reinforced the college’s commitment to providing a high-quality, supportive learning experience. “It's our app, it's their app, so it's a college app. They come in and they install the Hibernia College Cohort app on their phones,” highlighted Francis McKeagney.