'Ask Keebs' gives clients instant access to ask Keebeck Wealth anything, anytime

The problem
Keebeck Wealth faced a significant challenge in delivering a highly personalized and accessible client experience.

Founder and CEO Bruce Lee envisioned a wealth management service that was not only intimate but also integrated, ensuring clients had direct and easy access to their advisors. However, achieving this vision proved difficult with the traditional methods and tools available.

The existing systems were fragmented, making it cumbersome for both clients and advisors to manage interactions and access necessary information. Clients often found themselves navigating through multiple channels to get updates, share documents, or have their queries addressed. This disjointed approach hindered the seamless, personal touch that Keebeck Wealth aimed to offer.

Moreover, the internal processes at Keebeck were also impacted. Teams struggled with collaboration and communication due to the lack of a unified platform. Different projects and tasks were managed in silos, leading to inefficiencies and potential gaps in service delivery. This situation was further exacerbated during the shift to remote work, making it clear that a robust, integrated solution was needed.

The solution
To address these challenges, Keebeck Wealth adopted Moxo’s collaborative workflow software, powering a client service platform, 'Ask Keebs.'

This solution allowed Keebeck to streamline their processes and provide a unified, accessible experience for their clients. "Ask anything, Ask Keebs. That’s become our slogan," says Alexa Hyman, Chief Marketing Officer at Keebeck Wealth Advisors.

With the Moxo-powered app, Keebeck could now send updates, take action on transactions, interact on content, share secure documents, and provide clients with the convenience of reaching out anytime with questions or operational needs. The app was designed to feel like a friendly, familiar place, akin to texting trusted friends and family. This user-friendly approach facilitated quick adoption, even among older clients. "We’ve basically had no issues getting clients on. It’s just so intuitive to sign up and get on board," Hyman notes.

Internally, the app significantly improved collaboration and communication. Different internal projects, tasks, and client interactions were consolidated into a single platform, reducing silos and enhancing team engagement. "It's increased our collaboration so much. I'm very grateful for how much it's increased our communication between team members," adds Hyman.

The result
Client engagement saw a substantial boost, with a 41% engagement rate within two weeks post-launch.

This increased interaction helped Keebeck deliver a higher level of service and maintain persistent connections with clients over digital channels.

The internal benefits were equally significant. Teams experienced seamless collaboration and enhanced communication, allowing them to stay informed and engaged with client needs continuously. "When we onboard a new client, we're saying, 'Okay, here is the Ask Keebs app, and what you're going to find within the app are the different portals that you need, but they're all in there for you,'" explains Hyman. This holistic approach ensured that nothing fell through the cracks and clients received comprehensive, high-touch service.

Bruce Lee’s vision of 'no silos' became a reality. By ensuring that every client interaction involved the entire team, Keebeck could offer unparalleled service quality. "It's increased our collaboration so much. I'm very grateful for how much it's increased our communication between team members," Hyman reiterates. The Moxo-powered app enabled Keebeck to fulfill its commitment to providing personalized, integrated wealth management services.