Discover how Plural Architecture streamlined design workflows with Moxo

The problem
Plural Architecture & Design needed a seamless collaboration solution across their offices without compromising their boutique studio environment.

Plural Architecture & Design faced the challenge of effectively collaborating across their three offices in Dubai, Canada, and India, while maintaining a boutique studio feel. With projects spanning different countries and design styles, Plural Architecture & Design required a solution that would facilitate efficient communication and real-time collaboration without overwhelming their team.

"We were on the lookout for proper software where we could seamlessly collaborate," says Mahesh N. Iyer, Partner and Principal Architect at Plural Architecture & Design. The absence of a comprehensive collaboration tool hindered efficient communication and project management, resulting in potential delays and miscommunications across different offices and project phases.

The solution
Moxo's collaborative workflow software provided Plural Architecture & Design with a tailored solution for efficient communication and seamless project management.

Plural Architecture & Design found the solution they needed in Moxo’s platform, which seamlessly integrated markup capabilities with robust communication features. Unlike previous tools, Moxo allowed Plural Architecture & Design to upload PDFs and images, enabling real-time markup during meetings and design reviews, akin to traditional face-to-face interactions.

"Moxo enabled us to be a lean team, have multiple offices across different geographies, and do projects in different countries with a minimal footprint. It has helped us communicate more seamlessly and transform into a completely paperless office, enabling us to markup drawings, have whiteboards, and communicate no matter where we are," says Iyer.

Moxo's white-label option provided Plural Architecture & Design with a branded platform, enhancing their professional image and client experience

The result
Plural Architecture & Design achieved streamlined communication, enhanced client satisfaction, and improved project efficiency with Moxo.

Real-time markup capabilities transformed Plural Architecture & Design’s collaboration, enhancing efficiency and clarity in communication. With Moxo's intuitive interface and markup capabilities, Plural Architecture & Design reduced the reliance on emails and streamlined communication, resulting in faster decision-making and fewer delays.

"It has drastically reduced our communication time and streamlined our processes," says Iyer.  Onboarding clients and contractors onto Moxo not only enhanced project transparency and client satisfaction but also facilitated Plural Architecture & Design's seamless adoption of digital transformation, ensuring their agility and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving industry.