Bay Area therapist moves her office to her app, in a Covid-19 world

Moxo powers the OneStop Hub for licensed marriage and family therapist, Sasha Esposito San Roman, enabling clients to interact with her in an interactive, professional environment.

During the Covid-19 shutdowns, the feelings of fear and uncertainty made it critical for Sasha Esposito, licensed marriage and family therapist, to continue sessions with her clients. While there were various communication technologies available, Esposito needed an integrated, secure digital solution to maintain strong human connections.

When she found Moxo, Esposito was thrilled to be able to provide her clients with a branded digital channel — a secure, convenient experience to seamlessly continue relationships with the ‘human' element intact. 

The more time I spend with my app it just feels safe and contained, like you'd need an office to be. I’ve let my physical office go. I've really appreciated having this because it’s just an intuitive, protected space for my clients.

Sasha Esposito San Roman MA, MFT

With Moxo, Esposito is able to intimately relate to her clients from the comfort of their homes (and, importantly, see them in their homes), while providing an experience with professional boundaries. There were a number of other benefits as well: she no longer needed her office space, ended her lease, ongoing rental costs, and the 100-mile daily commute to her office. She realized that she can live anywhere and stay continuously connected to clients through her app. 

"It's funny," she says. "I have clients I have never met and I feel like I know them and I feel like they know me. All the humanness is there still.“

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