How Shields Tax & CPA grew their accounting practice by 74% with Moxo

The problem
Shields Tax & CPA provides high-touch accounting services to their clients, requiring frequent and detailed communication. However, managing these interactions through long email threads proved challenging.

The team faced significant difficulties tracking and accelerating interactions, client onboarding, and document collection. “We were struggling with emails and back and forth threads. I would send clients a list of 10 things I needed, and they would answer with three of them. Then I'd have to go through and figure out which things were checked off, then recreate the email requesting everything that they still needed. It was a whole process,” says Chad Stewart, CPA and Accounting Manager. This cumbersome method of communication led to inefficiencies, miscommunication, and delays.

Additionally, Shields Tax & CPA needed a reliable system to manage document requests and submissions. Email was not only inefficient but also posed security risks. The firm sought a solution to streamline these processes and ensure secure, organized client interactions. This need for a more efficient, centralized communication and document management system became increasingly urgent as the firm's client base expanded.

The solution
“I was searching for a solution, and came across Moxo. Initially it looked really interesting, like it could fix what we were struggling with, get out of people's emails altogether, get something mobile that they could work with, wherever these business owners are.”

To address these challenges, Shields Tax & CPA turned to Moxo’s collaborative workflow software. Moxo’s client-facing interface allowed Shields to securely upload, transfer, and store documents while also enabling seamless interaction with clients through messaging and meetings. This all-in-one experience checked off the boxes Shields was looking to solve and more. “It's been a better fit than we knew and now it's just become so integrated into our client experience. It provides a good client experience as a really clean and simple platform that helps eliminate a lot of the chaos of some of these other apps and email where there's just so many distractions. Moxo keeps it clean where they can get in there, see just what we're asking for on both sides. It's a nice clean communication thread.”

By consolidating all client communications and document exchanges into Moxo, Shields could eliminate the inefficiencies and chaos of email-based interactions. The software’s mobile capability further ensured that clients and staff could engage effectively, regardless of location.

The result
“It's definitely been night and day from when we were working with someone over email to working with our clients who are integrated onto the portal. It's so much smoother to have it all through Moxo."

With the group conversation aspect of Moxo, Shields could maintain clear and organized communication threads. “While you can copy a bunch of people on your emails, having that ability to have one person remain that point of contact and you don't have to sift through email threads, it's just so much easier to see it in Moxo. It's been a big improvement for us.” This feature enabled more efficient tracking of client interactions and tasks, reducing the time spent on administrative duties.

The benefits extended beyond communication. Shields utilized Moxo for efficient client onboarding, streamlined document collection, and effective task management. This led to a remarkable 74% growth in their accounting services and a doubling of their client base. “We have grown our accounting services by 74% since starting with Moxo and doubled the number of clients we are working with,” Stewart proudly states. Overall, Moxo’s software accelerated Shields’ business processes, enhancing both client satisfaction and operational efficiency.