How Standard Chartered enhanced client experience and improved transaction efficiency with Moxo

The problem
Standard Chartered faced a significant challenge in providing a seamless, high-touch client experience in an increasingly digital world.

Clients demanded the same level of personalized service online as they received in physical branches. This expectation required a robust, secure platform to facilitate constant interaction with relationship managers without compromising on data privacy.

In a bid to maintain its brand promise of "Here for good," Standard Chartered needed to adapt and grow its digital capabilities. The bank aimed to offer an interactive experience that would allow clients to conduct business and complete transactions uninterrupted by time and place. However, ensuring compliance and maintaining a secure audit trail of all interactions added layers of complexity to their digital transformation.

Furthermore, Standard Chartered needed to track the responsiveness of internal teams and overall performance towards business goals. This required a mission control hub that could combine personalized service with modern digital expectations, ensuring a consistent client experience across all touch points.

The solution
By integrating Moxo into their myRM digital hub, Standard Chartered could offer clients a seamless and secure interaction with their advisors, mirroring the high-touch service of their physical branches.

Moxo enabled Standard Chartered to maintain a secure audit trail of all client interactions, ensuring compliance and data privacy. "Enhancing our digital client experience will help to bring the Private Bank closer to our clients while ensuring that we do not compromise on data privacy, especially in today’s rapidly evolving digital world," said Didier Von Daeniken, Global Head, Private Banking & Wealth Management at Standard Chartered.

The platform also empowered clients to stay connected while on the go, facilitating secure messaging, approvals, and transactions. "Designed to be simple and intuitive, myRM is secure, seamless, and convenient – redefining the way we connect," noted Fernando Murillo, Global Head, Retail Products & Segments at Standard Chartered. This functionality allowed private bankers to respond to client needs faster and more efficiently, enhancing overall client satisfaction.

The result
The implementation of Moxo resulted in a significantly enhanced client experience for Standard Chartered.

Clients could now interact with their relationship managers anytime, anywhere, with the assurance of data security and privacy. The platform’s intuitive design and interactive capabilities streamlined business processes, making it easier for clients to manage their banking needs.

Standard Chartered's internal teams benefited from improved responsiveness and tracking capabilities, ensuring they met performance goals while delivering high-quality service. The secure audit trail of all interactions provided a reliable compliance mechanism, reinforcing client trust in the bank’s digital services.

Overall, the integration of Moxo’s software transformed Standard Chartered's digital branch into a powerful tool that maintained the brand's promise of high-touch service in a modern, digital context. "Our new capabilities empower clients to stay connected while on the go, and allow Private Bankers to respond to client needs faster and more efficiently," reiterated Didier Von Daeniken.