EMEA’s largest family office manages billions in generational wealth through their OneStop Client Hub

The problem
Stonehage Fleming, EMEA's largest family office, faced significant challenges in maintaining efficient communication and collaboration across their international offices.

With over $45 billion in assets under management and a client base spread across eight countries, ensuring seamless interactions between the firm's advisers, fiduciaries, and clients was critical. The complexity of managing generational wealth required a high level of coordination and timely service, but existing systems were proving inadequate.

The firm's traditional methods of communication were not equipped to handle the volume and sensitivity of information exchanged daily. Email and phone calls were time-consuming and often led to delays and misunderstandings. This inefficiency not only hampered the firm's internal operations but also impacted client satisfaction, as clients expected prompt and personalized service.

Furthermore, the security of sensitive financial information was a constant concern. Stonehage Fleming needed a robust solution to safeguard their clients' data while facilitating easy access and efficient collaboration. The lack of a unified platform was a bottleneck, preventing the firm from achieving the level of operational excellence required to manage such substantial and diverse assets effectively.

The solution
Moxo’s collaborative workflow software provided Stonehage Fleming with a comprehensive solution to their communication and operational challenges.

With Moxo, the firm created a secure, interactive portal for clients and team members to engage seamlessly.

This enabled real-time communication and collaboration, significantly reducing the time spent on back-and-forth emails and phone calls. The platform’s suite of collaboration tools, including secure messaging, file sharing, and task management, allowed Stonehage Fleming’s team to coordinate efficiently and respond to client needs promptly. This real-time interaction ensured that clients received timely updates and personalized service, enhancing their overall experience.

Security was a paramount concern addressed by Moxo’s software. The platform provided advanced encryption and secure access controls, ensuring that sensitive financial information remained protected. This allowed Stonehage Fleming to manage their operations confidently, knowing that their clients’ data was secure. The app’s integrated capabilities also facilitated smoother transactions and faster business procedures, further streamlining the firm’s operations.

The result
The implementation of Moxo’s software resulted in significant improvements for Stonehage Fleming.

The firm saw enhanced client engagement due to the seamless and interactive nature of their Moxo-powered portal. Clients appreciated the personalized and prompt service, which strengthened their trust and loyalty to the firm.

Internally, the efficiency of Stonehage Fleming’s operations improved markedly. The team could now collaborate effortlessly across different offices and time zones, ensuring that client needs were met swiftly and accurately. This reduction in communication lag and operational bottlenecks allowed the firm to focus more on strategic initiatives and less on administrative tasks.

The secure and efficient handling of sensitive data also contributed to the firm’s success. With Moxo’s advanced security features, Stonehage Fleming could ensure the safety of client information, thereby maintaining the high level of trust essential for managing generational wealth. Overall, Moxo’s collaborative workflow software empowered Stonehage Fleming to enhance their service delivery and operational efficiency, setting a new standard for excellence in the family office sector.