British couturier uses OneStop Hub to interact with clients and design intricate details of their custom gowns

Moxo powers the app for Suzie Turner Couture, a personalized gown couturier specializing in pure craftsmanship and unparalleled luxury gowns.

Suzie Turner Couture specializes in designing exquisite couture gowns — an extremely collaborative process between the designer and the client from beginning to end. In an industry that is largely dependent on in-person consultations, the COVID-19 pandemic strengthened the importance of digital resiliency. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they launched The Suzie Turner Couture App, powered by Moxo. Their app offers clients the ultimate bespoke, collaborative design experience from the convenience of their mobile devices. 

“The app includes incredible features that let us upload files and create mood boards, thus creating an even clearer creative vision between us and our clients,” says Suzie Turner, CEO and Creative Director. “Having all the information on our designs and the progress of production in one place has proved both useful for us here at the atelier and for our clients.”

"Our process is very much a collaboration between designer and client; every step of the way is completely guided by the client to create their dream gown, with nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Anything is possible.
Suzie Turner, Owner at Suzie Turner Couturier

The Suzie Turner Couture App allows Suzie and her team to deliver a branded, personal experience to their clients from anywhere in the world. Efficient communication is enabled by instant text, video, and voice messaging, and creative collaboration is achieved through visual annotation, video walkthroughs, and more. 

“This technology has made it really easy for our clients to access all of the latest updates on their dress creation. It has also helped us to continue the creative process, even when we’re not allowed to meet in person. In light of the global pandemic, our app has improved our business immensely.”

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