The oldest bank in the Netherlands evolves to meet modern client expectations

Moxo powers a OneStop Client Hub for Van Lanschot, the oldest bank in the Netherlands. Van Lanschot’s partnership with Moxo was a natural fit, given the bank’s focus on delivering white glove client service.

Van Lanschot is a Dutch financial institution offering private banking and asset management services. As the oldest private bank in the Netherlands, Van Lanschot has been constantly evolving its practices to stay relevant and provide exceptional service since 1737. Adjusting to meet its client’s expectations in each new era, Van Lanschot has maintained its reputation for delivering personalized client attention, while increasing its global reach.

Van Lanschot’s partnership with Moxo was a natural fit, given the bank’s focus on delivering white glove service. Using Moxo's platform to power their branded OneStop experience, Van Lanschot’s service changed overnight: their first class service evolved from relationship managers driving to a client’s home to hand-deliver portfolio printouts, to clients being able to access their portfolio, their relationship manager, and their interaction records, all from the convenience of their pockets. Clients now have access to real time updates, secure messaging, and a transparent view of their entire wealth management on a digital portal - all while keeping a documented record of their banking transactions.

With the management portal, Van Lanschot maintains a comprehensive overview of all client-relationship manager interactions and an auditable ePaper trail - creating a complete client profile and history, for persistence through RM transition. This compliant data retention and auditing system preserves a seamless banking relationship on digital. The commitment of excellence Van Lanschot has promised to each client for over 250 years is the secret to their continued success.

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