Omnia Law provides clients with on-call legal services

Moxo enables Prerna Rao, principal attorney at Omnia Law, to streamline client case processes in a secure, digital destination.

Growing up the daughter of small business owners, Prerna Rao watched her parents face obstacles in their journey to success. “I feel like a lot of the things that they went through were just unnecessary, simply because of counsel being hard to access,” says Rao. Inspired to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with access to proper advisement, Rao chose to become a lawyer.

In 2016, Rao founded her own practice, Omnia Law, and was later named a “New Leader in the Law” by the Connecticut Law Tribune in 2019. Passionate about advocating for her clients at every level, she knew she needed to undergo digital transformation in order to provide clients with convenient access to her firm.

"The fact that Moxo is able to really nicely provide that pipeline for communication with clients, with colleagues and provide that both internal organization and external pipeline to our clients, all it's doing is enhancing the value of everything that we provide to a client.
Prerna Rao, Attorney & Principal, Omnia Law

Always striving to offer her clients the best service available, Rao deployed her OneStop Client Hub. The Omnia Law App, powered by Moxo, provides clients with ongoing access to her practice within a secure digital environment. Client intakes are seamless, and document-heavy case processes are streamlined.

The Omnia Law app enables Rao to conduct business and manage her firm in a confidential setting, with bank-grade security. She can safely interact with clients on cases and discuss sensitive information in confidence.

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