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onestop for your complete client management lifecycle

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Control the chaos of client lifecycle management. Today’s client engagement activities are stuck in fragmented silos — requiring significant manual intervention. Moxo provides a OneStop Client Hub for real estate agents to manage client interactions and streamline transactions with modern digital experiences.

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Your branded
client portal solution

Provide a secure digital client portal on mobile and web. Deliver convenient service to clients, and manage business processes from end-to-end. Fully customize your app with workflows, business content, and your brand, to make it uniquely yours.

Orchestrate OneStop client collaboration

Your app, delivered under your brand
Your app, delivered under your brand
With Moxo, provide your clients with the digital, on-demand experience that buyers and sellers expect. Power a OneStop interactive hub, available at your client's fingertips on mobile and web.
Build custom   workflows
Build custom workflows
Build interaction flows to create repeatable, sequenceable steps with pre-defined client and internal user actions. Reduce bottlenecks and automate your manual processes, including disclosure packages, listing research, offer letters, escrow, redlining, and more
Secure digital client workspaces
Secure digital client workspaces
Manage continuity across time, with progress tracking, audit trails, virtual data rooms and more. Provide a unified, digital workspace for buyers, sellers, brokers, agents, and more to collaborate on a real estate transaction.
Interactive collaboration
Interactive collaboration
Engage clients with messaging, digital signatures, virtual walkthroughs, active listings, video meetings, approvals, document workflows, task management, and more.
End-to-end management
End-to-end management
Gain insights into how your organization is performing to your goals, monitor staff performance on an ongoing basis, and identify areas where you can improve. Designate roles and permissions for your clients, staff, agents, advisors, property managers, and others.
Bank-grade security and compliance
Bank-grade security and compliance
The Moxo platform is built to meet the stringent security requirements of regulated industries, with best-in-class  compliance, including SOC III, GDPR, and PSD2.
Best-in-class client experiences. Bank-grade security and compliance. Break down bottlenecks. Streamline client workflows. All delivered under your brand.

Manage your client interactions with Moxo.

Customize your client interaction workflows. With Moxo's workflow builder, configure seamless workflows for your business processes.

Example: Assisted Onboarding Workflow
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The Shop Real Estate, powered by Moxtra

The Shop Real Estate Company

The Shop Real Estate is a Tampa-Bay firm, focused on delivering results in an enjoyable, friendly, and inexpensive atmosphere, through their app.

Terraza Balear, powered by Moxtra

Terazza Balear

Based in Mallorca, Spain, Terraza Balear is a luxury design consultancy that creates exquisite interior and architectural concepts for their global client base.

Modern Properties, powered by Moxtra

Modern Properties

Modern Properties is an exclusive real estate team serving the Southern California and Washington markets. They provides a secure digital experience with Moxo.

Millcreek Commercial, powered by Moxtra

Millcreek Commercial

With service and authenticity at the core of their values, MillCreek Commercial guides customers through the investment process seamlessly with Moxo.

Form Collective, powered by Moxtra

Form Collective

Form Collective is a Canada-based interior design firm. Through their app, Form Collective helps clients develop a clear vision, and track projects to completion.

Cornerstone Permit Company, powered by Moxtra

Cornerstone Permit Company

Cornerstone Permit Company is a Chicago-based firm, providing customers with just-in-time assistance for a vast array of municipal approval processes.

Balfour Homes, powered by Moxtra

Balfour Homes

Balfour Homes is an Australian development company that uses Moxo to streamline the process of buying land and building a home for their clients.

Anthem Green, powered by Moxtra

Anthem Green

For over 30 years, Anthem Green has bought, sold, and remodeled extraordinary homes in Silicon Valley. With their hub, clients engage with their dedicated team.

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