Ibero Business Services effectively manages 400% increase in client growth in one year with Moxo

Moxo powers the Client Interaction Hub for Ibero Business Services, a Utah-based company that is dedicated to providing the Latino community with tools and expertise to start, expand, and strengthen small businesses.

Based in Utah, Ibero Business Services specializes in providing small businesses with solutions for accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax, financial planning, branding, marketing, and more — with a focus on Hispanic and Latino communities. Originally from Mexico, Juan Manuel, CEO of Ibero Business Services, aims to provide support and services to business owners, guiding them through various stages of growth and establishing a solid foundation to help the sustainability and success of their business.

"Managing our rapid growth is what helped us the most. We exceeded 400% growth in one year, and there is no way we would have been able to manage this increase in clientele without Moxo.

Juan Manuel, CEO of Ibero Business Services

Before Moxo, Ibero was using several different technologies that served individual purposes, which was inefficient, costly, and resulted in miscommunications between both staff and clients. Additionally, Manuel says his business processes were problematic, and his clients were not properly served. With more than half of Ibero’s employee network located in Mexico, he needed a platform for improved team collaboration, that also fostered strong one-on-one connections with his clients.

After implementing Moxo, clients receive faster responses and employees feel as though they are part of a team — despite locations in different countries. Manuel says that his business has experienced increased ROI and client engagement since implementing Moxo, with centralized communications, streamlined client onboarding workflows, and dedicated client workspaces being large contributors to this success. The entire Ibero organization works within the platform, and clients enjoy the ease of interacting with the Ibero team through their secure app.

“Our team can handle more clients with higher accuracy, and pinpoint needs much faster than we previously could,” says Manuel. "Moxo has helped us build even more trust with our clients.”

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