A prestigious Boston legal firm streamlines client services through their Moxo-powered portal

The problem
Masferrer & Associates, a prominent legal firm in Boston, faced challenges in managing client relationships and maintaining efficient communication.

With a growing client base, the firm struggled to keep up with the demand for timely updates and interactions. The traditional methods of communication, including phone calls and emails, were proving to be inefficient and time-consuming, leading to delays in case management and client dissatisfaction.

Additionally, the firm needed a more secure and streamlined way to handle sensitive legal documents. The manual processes of signing, sending, and receiving documents were not only cumbersome but also posed risks of mismanagement and loss of important information. These inefficiencies were hindering the firm's ability to provide the high-quality, empathetic legal representation they were known for.

Furthermore, coordinating between different departments and ensuring everyone was on the same page regarding case status was becoming increasingly difficult. The lack of a centralized system for managing cases and client interactions was leading to miscommunications and errors, ultimately affecting the firm's overall productivity and client satisfaction.

The solution
Moxo's collaborative workflow software provided Masferrer & Associates with a comprehensive solution to their challenges.

The introduction of the Masferrer & Associates App, powered by Moxo, transformed the way the firm managed client relationships and interactions. The app offered a secure platform for clients to complete casework digitally, enabling efficient communication through text, video, and audio messaging.

The app's digital signature feature streamlined the process of signing legal documents, reducing the time and effort required for manual handling. Clients could now send and receive documents securely, ensuring that all sensitive information was managed efficiently. This not only improved the speed of transactions but also enhanced the overall security of document handling.

Moreover, Moxo's integrated suite of interactive capabilities supported case workflows, allowing the firm to manage clients, cases, and staff in a centralized digital channel. Moxo enabled the law firm to provide a digital service experience accessible from smartphones or desktops. This centralized system ensured that all team members were up-to-date with case statuses, improving coordination and reducing the likelihood of errors.

The result
The implementation of Moxo's collaborative workflow software brought significant improvements to Masferrer & Associates.

The firm saw a marked increase in client satisfaction due to the enhanced communication and quicker response times. Clients appreciated the convenience of interacting with their legal team through the app, which provided a more personalized and responsive service experience.

The digital signature and document handling features significantly reduced the time required for processing legal documents. This efficiency not only saved the firm valuable time but also minimized the risks associated with manual document management. The secure platform ensured that all sensitive information was protected, giving clients peace of mind.

Internally, the centralized digital channel improved coordination and communication among the firm's staff. With all case information and client interactions managed in one place, the team could work more collaboratively and efficiently. This led to a noticeable improvement in the firm's overall productivity and the quality of legal representation they provided.