A prestigious Boston legal firm streamlines client services through their OneStop Client Hub

Masferrer & Associates is one of Boston's most respected firms, specializing in criminal and immigration law. Moxo enables the law firm to deliver interactive client service and streamline case management processes.

Founded in 2003, Masferrer & Associates is a legal firm specializing in criminal and immigration law. The needs of their clients are always at the forefront of their operations, and their team is committed to delivering an innovative, thoughtful approach to legal representation.

The firm launched the Masferrer & Associates App, powered by Moxo, to manage client account relationships, enhance their legal representation services, and streamline their processes. 

"Over the past 11 years, Masferrer & Associates has grown to become one of Boston’s most prestigious legal firms specializing in criminal and immigration law. With one true mission to provide each and every client with unparalleled legal representation, our dedicated team approaches each case with empathy, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to our clients.

Eduardo A. Masferrer, Attorney & Owner, Masferrer & Associates

The Masferrer & Associates App is a secure platform that provides clients with the convenience of completing ongoing casework digitally. The app enables clients to efficiently interact with their legal team via text, video, or audio messaging, digitally sign contracts, send & receive documents, and more.

Their Moxo-powered OneStop Client Hub provides a just-in-time service experience from their smartphone or desktop. Enabled by a completely integrated suite of interactive capabilities, supported by case workflows, Masferrer & Associates can manage their clients, cases, and staff in a centralized digital channel.

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