A Pasadena-based consulting firm with heavily-regulated clients exceeds security expectations with Moxo

Moxo powers the OneStop Client Interaction Hub for JNN Group, a data governance, risk management, compliance, and analytics consulting firm based in Pasadena.

JNN Group is a Pasadena-based consulting firm that specializes in providing their clients with advice regarding data governance, risk management, compliance, and analytics. Their team is composed of expert professionals who are committed to the power of data, creating extraordinary outcomes for clients in heavily regulated industries.

Due to the nature of their work, security and compliance are high priorities to JNN Group. An all-in-one platform that is compliant with heavily regulated industry standards is crucial to their business. Capabilities like messaging, document sharing, contract e-signatures, video conferencing, and more must be facilitated through a secure platform — it’s important to JNN Group that they provide clients with a private portal to safeguard their client’s sensitive information.

Moxtra's platform is engineered to meet the stringent compliance requirements of regulated industries, with bank-grade security, encryption, and an auditable digital paper trail — solving JNN Group’s security concerns immediately. In addition to privacy, the Client Interaction Hub provides JNN group with end-to-end management capabilities and complete oversight into all client accounts.

Their private client portal streamlines internal and external operations, improves the response times of their teams while simultaneously preserving resources, and provides clients with a personalized and interactive in-app experience from the convenience of both mobile and desktop.

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