Washington-based law firm offers clients a streamlined legal service experience through Moxo

Moxo powers the OneStop Client Interaction Hub for Adaptive Law Firm, a Washington-based legal firm that specializes in a wide range of services for business owners, land owners, and complex families.

Adaptive Law Firm provides estate planning, business planning, and trust administration services for residents and businesses in Washington. Their focus is on creating relationships and building trust, and they are constantly evolving to provide clients with the latest technology for improved communication and collaboration.

When establishing trust and fostering strong relationships in the legal space, consistent and quality engagement between the law firm and the client is critical. Disjointed channels of communication, such as email, were not only inconducive to building rapport with clients, but it wasn’t entirely secure.

Aside from collaboration with clients, Adaptive Law Firm needed a strategy to help streamline case workflows and manage accounts more efficiently.

As part of their firm’s initiative to innovate for clients, they launched the Adaptive Law Firm App, powered by Moxtra, to deliver a streamlined legal service experience to their clients. Adaptive Law Firm uses their hub for internal and external collaboration, powering seamless communication between team members and clients. The hub enables their team to quickly engage with clients, streamline case workflows, and manage their practice on a private and secure platform.

"This portal app is way more advanced than anything we have used in the past. It allows us to focus more of our energy on the substance of our work, rather than trying to track down and piece together disconnected meeting notes, voicemails, and email conversations.
Hollie Del Vecchio, Owner & Attorney of Adaptive Law Firm.

The Adaptive Law Firm Hub helps their clientele of business owners, land owners, and complex families engage with Adaptive Law firm at their own convenience. OneStop collaboration capabilities such as instant messaging, e-signature, video conferencing, file sharing, and more are consolidated in a single portal, helping to alleviate the stress that accompanies sorting through a crowded email inbox. With the Adaptive Law Firm app, their team can maintain a collaborative relationship with clients and virtually manage their firm — right from their fingertips.

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