LEAP customizes academic programs for international schools with their student-centric app

Moxo powers the app for LEAP Corporation, an English-teaching program providing academic curriculum and teacher training to bilingual and international schools.

LEAP (Learn English for Academic Purposes) Corporation provides schools with fully-customized academic English programs to meet the needs of both international and bilingual institutions. LEAP collaborates with schools and other educational institutions to help raise their profiles, and increase their revenue streams.

Looking for a way to provide their curriculum on digital, LEAP launched their OneStop App, LEAP English. The app provides an immersive digital campus, helping educators craft programs for students learn and master English speaking skills, facilitated entirely at user’s fingertips. 

The LEAP app encompasses all aspects of teaching and learning, while enabling persistent communication between curriculum providers, teachers, and students. Accessible on mobile or web, the app provides schools with an engaging, interactive experience when creating coursework plans.

LEAP English provides customized teaching resources, including presentational tools electronic worksheets, and document-centric workflows. The LEAP app provides a digital school and seamlessly integrates all facets of language and learning though a cross-platform app.  

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